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Trunky Puzzles is the newest of the Trunky apps by Serious Games Interactive. At this time, it is an iPad only app. This Trunky app has been designed with the same easy-to-use interface, bright colors and graphics, and cheery music as the others. Trunky Puzzles is a collection of wood puzzles; pictures and words; and focuses on improving your child’s motor skills and shape recognition. Some puzzles include spelling and letter recognition skills.

The initial free download contains three puzzles, enough to give you a short preview of the app; not enough to entertain your child for long. The puzzles do continue to repeat until you choose to exit. If you are looking for a longer duration, you will want to purchase the one time in-app purchase, which contains 24 more puzzles.

When the child receives three stars for completing a puzzle, they are treated to a Trunky celebration before moving onto the next puzzle. The encouragement a child receives while completing puzzles is another nice feature.

There is no need to complete one puzzle before moving onto another. The puzzles are not locked and there is a nice navigation slide that allows you to move around between puzzles. There is also a unique slide feature on the exit button of the puzzles.

One suggestion for improvement would be to animate the letters, one at a time, from left to right, repeat the name or sound of each letter and then say the word, after the word in the puzzle is complete. This will help young spellers remember the proper order of the letters that form the word.

Bottom-line: Trunky Puzzles is a stress-free, happy place for kids to play and learn. Initial download only contains three puzzles.