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  • Jessica and Dr. Math
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

Be a real-life superhero, using math to clear a path to evil Dr. Math!


Jessica and Dr. Math puts kids in the role of a modern-day superhero. Using their addition, subtraction, division and multiplication skills they can take out evil creatures and other obstacles in their way. Their goal: to stop Dr. Math from collecting all of the diamonds in the world. As a reward for solving problems correctly, kids not only take care of doctor math, they earn a diamond of their own.

Game play is simple, letting the math problems be the main focus. Kids will also enjoy the app’s cute graphics and catchy background music as they choose the correct answers and kick balls to triumph over evil.

Features include:

  • Positive praise
  • Rewards
  • Multiple levels
  • Tests different math skills


The app itself is simple which causes it to lack a little in quality. While the graphics are cute and clear, they feel like they lack a bit of polish or a wow factor. Kids will also likely find that the graphics are a little slow to respond to their actions. For an app that is about racing to stop Dr. Math, it lacks a sense of urgency. Yes, elements of the app respond when tapped, but it is all done in slow-motion.

Another note is that while the app is available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, when played on the iPhone or iPad, the graphics in the app are not really suited for the smaller devices. Its quality is best and it is easiest to play on the iPad or iPad Mini.


Kids are given the chance to answer basic math problems as they play the game. While the game offers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, kids cannot immediately access all four skills. Instead, they must complete multiple levels of addition before accessing subtraction, multiple levels of subtraction before accessing multiplication and multiple levels of multiplication before accessing division. This can be frustrating for kids who do not need practice with basic addition or subtraction.

However, once kids have unlocked enough levels to access division problems, the app has more educational value, allowing users to turn on and off the different skills and also giving them the opportunity to practice multiple skills at once.


Kids who like a lot of action may not enjoy this app. The game is simple: solve the problem, kick the ball, knock out the evil plant or Dr. Math. For a game that is all about taking out evil Dr. Math it could incorporate a lot more action and interactive graphics. However, it is still a cute game and many kids will enjoy it. They will also appreciate the positive praise they receive when getting an answer correct and they diamonds they amass as they stop Dr. Math.


Considering the app’s low price and the practice opportunities it offers, this app is a great value. Kids will have multiple opportunities to practice their math skills while playing this simple, inexpensive game.

Child Friendliness

The app is very child-friendly, although it could use a few more instructions or explanation. When kids first play the game they are shown a comic strip outlining the premise of the game and their general task. Instead of being read instructions, they watch a short explanation of how to play and then they go at it. The game is simple enough to figure out, but it is not immediately clear to users how to unlock other types of problems or what they get in exchange for unlocking levels.

Be a real-life superhero, using math to clear a path to evil Dr. Math!

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars