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A great early learning app with a cute underwater theme that children will love as they learn and play.

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Underwater Learning Adventure is a cute educational app with simple activities that will teach children to count, recognize a variety of colors and shapes and use their problem solving skills. With the skill levels automatically adjusted based on performance, this app provides unique practice for children of all ages.

Features include:

  • 3 Educational games
  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatic level adjustment


This underwater themed educational app is full of bright colors and illustrations that will keep children engaged as they learn and play. The water sound effects include bubbling water, dolphin sounds etc. that help to bring the app to life. The developers have also created an easy to use interface that is very intuitive and doesn’t require a lot of instructions to get started. Children can simply tap each activity they want to play and follow the narrators instructions to play each game. One thing to note is that some shapes seemed to randomly repeat in the counting game before moving on to the next level, however it didn’t seem to be a problem in the other activities.


This app is a great early learning app for children as it provides practice with counting, colors, shapes, and using problem solving skills. The counting game allows children to tap the numbers in order so they can see a special shape appear and as the levels increase the numbers get a bit more scrambled to create more of a challenge. There is also a game that has children follow instructions by tapping a specific object or character. For instance, they may be asked to tap the purple octopus or the white fish. As the level increases the task is a bit more difficult and they might be asked to select the smallest of all the objects or identify which object doesn’t fit with the others. The matching activity also allows children to use their memory skills to match the items in various treasure chests.

The automatic level adjustment for each activity and the reporting page allows parents to track their child’s progress to see what they need additional help with which is a great bonus.


Children who love fish and underwater creatures are going to love this app. While the three activities included are educational in nature, they are also fun to play. After each correct response the narration provides great affirmative responses that encourage children to keep playing. After they have completed each level, they get to select a prize to add to their very own aquarium. This reward feature helps to keep children engaged as they play so they can continue to add to their aquarium the more they play.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is a great deal. The three activities provide many self-adjusting levels for children to move through in a fun underwater environment and the added reporting page is a really great feature to have and you just can’t beat it at such a low price.

Child Friendliness

With little to no instruction needed to get started and no in app advertisements or accessible social media links this app is great for kids. Parents will also appreciate that the “parents area” is totally protected and it isn’t likely that children will get into these areas. The developers have done a great job making this app easy to use, easy to learn, and fun.

A great early learning app with a cute underwater theme that children will love as they learn and play.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars