3 Parenting Misconceptions You Need To Know About

Many first-time moms make assumptions about parenting that simply aren’t true. Don’t feel bad if you are one of these moms, as parenting is a learning process and mistakes are inevitable. However, there’s plenty you are do to lessen the number of mistakes you make so you raise happy, healthy, functional children. Use the following common misconceptions to start your education.

Misconception #1: “I Can Maintain A Clutter-Free Home!”

This is a nice thought, it is just unfortunately untrue. Little kids running around the house means there will be clutter, whether it’s a plush toy explosion in the living room or action figures slowly taking over the hallway. Do the best you can to keep your home clutter-free, but keep in mind that it’s an issue all parents struggle with.

Misconception #2: “I Can Shield My Kids From Commercialism!”

Another heroic idea, but one that is quite lofty. Your kids will be exposed to the commercial world no matter what, unless you plan on keeping them in the attic for their entire lives. Your kids will accompany you to the grocery store, the local mall, assorted retail stores…and that’s not including play dates at friends’ houses that include video games, iPads, and television. Rather than trying to shield your kids from commercialism, have an ongoing conversation with them about it as they get older. Talk about what commercials are trying to get across and why the products or services are things they may or may not want in their lives.

Misconception #3: “I Will Take My Newborn Everywhere!”

Unlikely. Some events and situations are just better without newborn children, such as much-needed adult time with friends. Your partner can watch the baby for a few hours while you run errands or have an evening out with girlfriends! Wait until the child is older to do the “everywhere” thing.

Remember, you will get the hang of parenting! Be patient with yourself and learn as you go!