The best potty training tips to keep your little one dry through the night.

4 Helpful Nighttime Potty Training Tips

The best potty training tips to keep your little one dry through the night.

Potty training is not an overnight thing, as each child is different. What works for one will not necessarily do anything for another, and while your first child may have picked up potty training in a week, your second child could be struggling or vice versa. Nighttime potty training is a different animal than its daytime counterpart, and many kids have bed wetting accidents up until age 7 if not beyond. Help yourself navigate the often-challenging waters of nighttime bed wetting by utilizing the following tips.

Establish Daytime Dryness First

Ensure your child has a handle on daytime potty use before going for nighttime gold. If your little ‘un is having problems during the day, it is not going to get better at night. Keep using diapers until daytime dryness is well-established.

Use The Toilet Right Before Bedtime

Take your child to the toilet right before it’s time to say night-night. Make it part of the regular nighttime routine, which includes brushing teeth and reading a story with you. Do this in addition to having the child use the toilet 30 minutes before bedtime.

Invest In A Portable Toilet

Purchase a portable toilet if your child’s room is not close enough to the bathroom. Keep toys and other objects out of the way to create a clear path between the bed and the portable toilet. Remind your child to use the toilet if he or she wakes up and needs to “go.”

Stop Using Pull-Ups

Quit using pull-ups if you notice your child is dry or not that wet in the morning. Use a waterproof casing to protect the bed and use washable, waterproof overlay pads to protect the sheets. Also avoid using pull-ups when your child is awake, as he or she might wet them instead of going to the bathroom.

Use these and other nighttime potty training tips to teach your child not to wet the bed! Remember, be patient. This process takes time and that’s okay!