5 Helpful Potty Training Tips

Getting ready to potty train your little boy? Potty training boys is obviously a little different from potty training girls, however many of the basics are the same. Help yourself survive potty training with the following tips, and remember, it takes time and no two children are the same!

Know When He is Ready

Learn the signs indicating your child is ready to start potty training. Forget about outside pressures or books that tell you “precisely” when your little ‘un is ready to potty train. You will know when your boy is ready, so trust yourself. Age 3 is often a good time to start, as children have better control over their functions at this age.

Set Some Time Aside

Choose an activity-free weekend to focus solely on helping your little boy use the toilet. Stay at home and make it the task of the day…you might have to postpone a few obligations, but the result is worth it.

Provide Liquids

Give your child as much water and juice as he would like to drink when you start potty training. More liquids equals more practice!

Use a Timer

Keep a “pee timer” to alert your child about bathroom time. Set it for every 30 minutes when potty training starts and take your child to the bathroom. Place him on the toilet to see if it’s “go time.” After a day or so start setting the timer for longer periods of time. The pee timer reminds the child to use the toilet when necessary instead of waiting till the last minute because of playtime with toys or friends.

Try the Food Coloring Trick

Add food coloring to your toilet bowl to make going to the bathroom more fun for your child. Use blue food coloring so when he urinates, the water turns green.

Have Him Imitate Dad

Help your boy learn to urinate standing up by having him watch Dad first. Little boys love to imitate their dads, so this will help greatly!

Remember, be patient! Your child will get the hang of things.