5 of the Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wrap

Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wraps

The days right after pregnancy could prove to be a big challenge to most mothers. As the mother attends to her daily chores, there is the additional task attending to the baby’s needs. And yes, the mother is left with no time to take care of herself.

Mothers need not worry though as they can actually have their shapes back without necessarily sacrificing their time with their baby. Introducing the postpartum girdles or what is commonly now called as body shapers. In its early use, these girdles were actually manufactured to address post pregnancy woes by mothers. Now these girdles can be used for many reasons: even for tummy tucks, liposuctions, and even just to make someone look good in her gown or dress. But let us go back to the moms.

Postpartum girdles are available to answer the new mother’s woes from just having to look slim to actually putting everything back to pre-pregnancy states. But with the proliferation of brands and claims of getting back into shape, how do you look for the best postpartum girdle which can address your problem?

The following five postpartum girdle reviews will give you an idea of the different girdles available in the market and what it can specifically do for you.

Top 5 Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wrap 2017 Comparison Table


Top 5 Best Postpartum Girdle in the 2017 Market – Read on for all the details!

Squeem Firm Compression Waist Trainer

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This girdle gives you your “desired” waist while flaunting your natural curves. It also gives you the back support needed to correct wrong posture you might have developed during pregnancy. This girdle is perfect for those mothers who just are addressing problems at the midsection: the girdle takes out the problems beset by post partum mothers who just want to trim down on specific portions of her body but made to wear complex and skin irritating girdles. What will make you buy this:

  • Unlike other girdles which roll up when tightly fitted, this girdle is made such that there is an inherent boning structure that prevents these roll-ups
  • The girdle shapes only the mid-section so the result is a slimmer body where curves show where they should be
  • Enables post partum mothers to still be elegant wearing their off-shoulder dresses as the girdle covers only the mid-section
  • Offers a wide range of sizes from the very small XS to 5XL

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Bellefit Postpartum Corset

Bellefit Postpartum CorsetRead Parent Reviews | Check Best Prices

This girdle works best for those that have had c-sections as the corset was designed to address women who have given birth through C-section. With the uterus having been stretched for nine months, wearing this girdle for the first 6 months after delivery could bring you great results. It is an Ultra Slim Fit Medical-Grade garment that provides back support yet it does not make the wearer uncomfortable so that the mom can go back to her daily activities in no time. The use of the medical grade garment also ensures that there are no unecessary complications as extra care should be taken because of the abdominal incisions.

What will make you buy this:

  • Use of medical grade garment addresses need for added caution where incisions/operations are concerned
  • Abdominal and back pains are lessened because of additional supports provided, enabling muscles to recover faster
  • Anatomic and compression support may be adjusted for faster recovery
  • Aside from the website where you may be guided on the exact style and size that you need, the company may be contacted directly for help on personally picking the right style and girdle size for you.

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3 in 1 Postpartum Support – Belt Shapewear Waist Belts


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This post-partum girdle comes with 3 belts to address problems with specific body parts as the belly, the waist and the pelvis. There is just one size and compression maybe adjusted by either pulling the belt tighter or loosening it a bit if user feels that adjustment is too tight. The fabric used is high quality lightweight and breathable cloth (not elastic). There is only one size and fits US sizes 6-12.

On first use, the mother is advised to wash the girdle first. Also, one must avoid direct contact on skin: the user is advised to wear an undershirt before the belt is put on. For maximum results, the mother is advised to simultaneously exercise and diet while using the belts. Use of the belts is also not advised while the mother is sleeping.

What will make you buy this:

  • As the belts can be separately used, length of time within which to use a particular belt can be adjusted based on the progress achieved. For example, the belly belt is recommended for use from 1-7 days. However, if the mother feels that a longer support may be needed for the belly, the use of this belly belt may be overlapped when using the waist belt which is recommended for use between 1-6 weeks
  • The separate belts enable the mother to use only what she feels is appropriate or needed at a certain point in time postpartum
  • As the girdle uses high grade cloth and not elastic material, this lessens the probability of skin irritation more so when the body is put at maximum compression

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Leonisa Women’s Slimming Braless Body Shaper In Classic Panty

41Fb9caZ8vL._SR800_-360x360Read Parent Reviews | Check Best Prices

As its name suggests, this girdle takes care of the curves starting from under the breast to the hips. It gives the look of a trimmed waistline, a flat tummy and reduced hip size. It is made of 77% polyamide which gives the girdle better elasticity and breathability, thus lessening skin irritation despite increased compressions.

What will make you buy this:

  • It has an ultraflat zipper closure so there would be no zipper bulges showing on external clothing
  • It has 3 sets of hooks so that you can adjust the girdle compression as you trim down
  • The back portion of the girdle is designed high so that it gives the effect of a very slim silhouette, with no bulges
  • Since this is braless, you can still pair this with your favorite bra and still feel comfortable. Girdles with built-in bras sometimes make the wearer uncomfortable as the bra usually follows the girdle size which is usually much smaller than her regular size brassiere.

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Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body Shaper Girdle

41BQmytPdHL._SR400_ Read Parent Reviews | Check Best Prices

This is another braless girdle that targets the trimming of the waist and flattening of the abdomen. Because it is braless, the user can pair off this girdle with her favorite bra. Although the girdle style is such that the manufacturer has extended the girdle to mid-leg for ease of use, still there are problems of roll-ups. Size is as is for better compression (e.g. you get a medium size if your pre-pregnancy size is a medium). It has an open crotch so you need not have problems when peeing.

What will make you buy this:

  • Except for the leg roll-ups, customers had very good reviews when it comes to product quality
  • Provides compression both for waist and abdomen; product also addressed problems of peeing by having an open crotch
  • Maybe used for mothers who had V-section, abdominal tucks, and even liposuction
  • Built-in anti-microbial properties ensures that no infections strike when these girdles are used

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Some Final words

Postpartum girdles give mothers a great help in restoring their sagged dispositions brought about by poor postures and pregnancy woes. More importantly, the newer more sophisticated ones have gone a step ahead by adding features that not only boost a mother’s confidence but help them take care of their bruised bodies and egos as well.

Identifying which is the best postpartum belly wrap though will depend largely on the mother’s specific need. What works well for one might not necessarily augur well for another. Before you buy one, assess what you really would need. Is it just a simple firm up you need? Or do you feel you need to trim down…fast?

I do hope that with the foregoing information, I will leave you more informed about choosing the best postpartum belly band to buy if and when the time comes (again)! Happy choosing!