7 Back-To-School Tips For Students

Getting back into school mode is difficult for almost everybody, as school schedules are extremely different from their summer counterparts! Shake off the last few days of summer and start the school year off the right way via the following tips:

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Obtain The Right Supplies

Your teachers will let you know what you need for their classes on the first day of school. It does not hurt to pick up a few notebooks and folders beforehand, but you may want to avoid going all-out. However, it is still a good idea to purchase a planner before the first day of school, as you will need it to keep up with schoolwork, activities, sports, and everything else you have going on.

Keep Your Syllabus

Outlines for every course are handed out on the first day of class or posted online. Print them out if necessary and keep them in a safe place, such as with your notes for each class. A syllabus contains vital information for the course, including when tests and papers are due. It subsequently allows you to plan ahead and give yourself the right amount of time to complete everything.

Stop Procrastinating

Do not procrastinate! Everyone does it every so often, but it should not become a habit! The habit you do want to form is studying a little every day. It takes three weeks of doing something to become habit, so be sure to focus on your study skills.

Know What Your Teachers Expect From You

Understanding what each teacher expects of you is essential. Pay close attention to what your professors say about the class workload, testing, papers, class participation, etc. Knowing each teacher’s expectations and making sure you ask them about anything you are unsure about is necessary to starting the year on a streamlined note.

Get Involved

A varied list of activities is something colleges always look for, so get involved! Find the clubs and sports that interest you most and dive in with gusto. If there is a sport or club your school does not have, talk to the powers that be about starting one yourself. This not only allows you to do what you love, it is also something impressive to put on college applications.

Figure Out What Works For You

Determining what kind of learner you are is another key to academic success. No two people study the same way, so once you find what works best for you, stick with it. As long as you absorb the material, it does not matter how you did it.

Write Out Your Goals

Writing out your goals for the school year, whether they be getting higher grades in math or English, joining the sports team you want, obtaining the lead role in the musical, etc., is highly recommended. Keep your list posted in your bedroom or somewhere else that allows you to see it every day–it is a fantastic motivator!

Have great school year! Good luck!