4 Ideas For Keeping Baby Occupied

Wondering how to keep your precious baby occupied? It’s not as tricky as you think. There’s lots of ways to keep the tiny human busy…and subsequently save yourself from insanity. Review a mere few of the many options available for ensuring ze bae-bae is distracted and happy instead of crying and miserable:

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Get Out And About

Enjoy spending time with your baby outdoors as much as you can. The fresh air and sunshine helps babies sleep better so long as they don’t get overstimulated. Make sure your little ‘un is wearing a hat and sunblock, whether in the stroller or not. You don’t want to come home and find your baby is bright red from too much sun!

Visit local parks until you get bored, in which case find more parks and trails to explore with your baby. Bring some friends with babies along to share in the fun. If possible, schedule play dates and other outdoor activities in the morning…it helps the day go by faster and makes it easy to put baby down for a nap when you get home.

Treasure Basket

Create a treasure basket filled with items safe for your baby to touch and look at. Go for a mix of shapes and textures, such as as sponges, wooden spoons, small plush and velvety plush toys, etc. Make certain none of the objects in the basket present choking hazards or are otherwise dangerous for babies to handle. The basket idea is a fabulous way to keep baby occupied until naptime.

Pictures On The Wall

Pick your baby up whenever he or she is getting fussy and, assuming a nap, feeding, or diaper change isn’t necessary, take the child around your house to look at different pictures on the wall. The baby will likely point to assorted features within the painting or photo (depending on age), which you can feel free to talk about. Animal pictures are great places to start.

Messy Play

Clear a section of your kitchen for “messy play.” Babies and small children love playing with anything that makes a mess, such as yogurt, cornflower mixed with water, child-safe/edible paints, and cereal. Give your baby “ingredients” for messy play and enjoy sending those last few emails or starting on that cupcake recipe uninterrupted.

Use these ideas to keep baby happy and occupied while you get going on your to-do list! Remember, an occupied baby is one that will sleep soundly come nighttime.