Tips For Extending Your Smartphone Battery

Does it seem like your smartphone is always running low on battery? If you’re tired of constantly having to search for an outlet so you can plug your phone in again, review the following tips for extending your device’s battery life:

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Forget Suggested Apps

Suggested Apps, a “service” that was introduced with the iOS 8, is just not worth it. You’re giving up your location to use it, as well as what you’re near. Suggested Apps uses this information to determine which apps are best suited to your current predicament/location/whatever, but all that location checking and App Store communicating sucks the life from your battery. Go to your device’s settings and get rid of it if applicable.

Don’t Automatically Update Your Apps

Automatically updating your apps may seem like a good idea, but it’s going to drain the heck out of your battery. Adjust your settings so you update apps when you want to, not when your phone says it’s time.

Stop Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is one of the features designed to make your iOS device smarter and easier to use. It looks at your most-used apps, including when you use them, and makes automatic updates. This means the newest information is available the next time you open your apps. Background App Refresh may be useful, but it’s a drain on your battery life.

Turn On Auto-Brightness

Save your battery by turning on Auto-Brightness on the iPhone or the similar feature on your Android device. It allows your screen to use less power in dark places and won’t constantly have to make adjustments based on lighting. You may also dim your phone’s screen to conserve the battery.

Don’t Keep Wi-Fi On

Keep your Wi-Fi off to maintain battery life. A Wi-Fi feature that’s continually on in hopes of finding a hotspot is a surefire way to drain your battery. It’s also a way to put your phone at risk, as unsecured hotspots are beloved by hackers and anyone else looking to access your information. Ensure your personal hotspot is off as well.

Purchase An Extended Life Battery

Another way to give your phone more juice? Purchasing an extended life battery. This may fall into the ‘last resort’ category, but it’s an excellent way to keep your phone charged. After all, you don’t want to be low on battery when you need your phone most!