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Join the Human Body Detectives as they venture into the circulatory system to learn more about the blood, the heart, and how to keep this system healthy.

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A Heart Pumping Adventure is another featured app in our Human Anatomy Apps for kids post that teaches children all about the circulatory system using an engaging and educational story. With narration throughout and great illustrations that help to bring the already fun story to life, this app is the perfect for children of all ages.

Features include:

  • Narration
  • Unique story
  • Easy to use


A Heart Pumping Adventure is a great app to teach children about the circulatory system and with narration throughout, even early readers can enjoy this story. While the developers have not included the typical text highlighting that allows readers to follow along with the narrator, there are certain words that stand out throughout the story that draw readers attention. The narration is very lively with various voices and animated sounds that are great for this type of app. The illustrations that are included are also very well done with bright colors and realistic images that help children visualize what they are reading. There are also a few very simple animations scattered throughout the story that help to bring it to life.

While the images that are included are very well done, there seems to be several pages that do not have illustrations and without text highlighting to keep children somewhat engaged, readers may get bored.


I love how the developers have seamlessly weaved in fun facts about the circulatory system throughout the story. The concept is great and allows children the inside view of what happens inside our bodies as two ‘human body detectives’ go inside their father’s body to check things out. Not only will children enjoy seeing things like the chambers of the heart, red blood cells, and alveoli, but they will also learn the function of each as the detectives move through the body. A Heart Pumping Adventure really takes learning to another level by incorporating educational facts into an interesting story that children will love.


This story is not only educational, but it is engaging as well. The lively narration and entertaining plot help to keep children interested in the great adventure that the human body detectives are on. While it would be nice to have some added activities or interactive pieces within the story, the story itself is quite creative.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app is priced fairly well. Without having the text highlighting and other activities, some parents might expect a lower price, however the narration throughout and the story itself is very well done. Adding a bit more in the interactivity or other games would definitely enhance the value of the app overall.

Child Friendliness

This app is easy to use and absolutely safe too. There are no social media links, in app purchases, or advertisements to be concerned about. The narration option makes the app easy to use for early readers and the simple swipe feature to move through the app is very intuitive. Of course adding text highlighting could further enhance the usability of the app (especially for younger users) and help it to meet the standard of many of the digital storybooks that are out, however it is still very easy to use.

Join the Human Body Detectives as they venture into the circulatory system to learn more about the blood, the heart, and how to keep this system healthy.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars