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A Not So Fading Light is a quirky little story of a boy, and his sister, and their trip into space to fix the sun. There are so many things that I like about this eBook, which at time of review is FREE.

The unique illustration style gives this app a wonderful little personality, and interactions on most pages draw the reader into the story. The story itself is fun and creative, instilling a sense of adventure. On many of the pages there are great activities like dressing the kids up for space, leaving a note for the parents and, of course, fixing the sun. I definitely have to take a minute to say how much I loved the illustrations by Shaun Russel (GotFocus Solutions) and the narration by Caitlyn Pinner….and the music is good too…and well, let’s just say I think everyone did a great job on this app.

This eBook comes with the standard Read To Me and Read To Myself features. Both Read To Me and Read Myself versions include touchable words with audio to help kids learn individual words within the app. Other features include word highlighting on the “Read to Me” version. Simple forward and back buttons act as navigation throughout the app with the “home” icon in the top right corner linking back to the home screen.

Features at a glance:

  • Read To Me
  • Read Myself
  • Word highlighting (Read To Me version)
  • Touchable words with audio to help teach individual words in the app
  • Interactive activities throughout the app

Well it wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t point out a couple of things that I would like to see improved, so here we go. Firstly, one of the screens has missing punctuation! Some of the touchable points on the app didn’t seem to be as easy or responsive as they could be – although this could be part of fat finger syndrome. Notably, some of the clothes were hard to select on the dress up page, crayons didn’t look or feel highlighted, and the forward, back and home buttons seemed a little unresponsive at times. What I disliked most was ending credit page with an external link – this just stopped the magic of the app dead in it’s tracks. It would be better to circle back to the home screen, although I didn’t like the external link on the home screen either.


Superb illustration, creative story and charming narration makes A Not So Fading Light a very special little eBook. With a few tweaks, this could be a 5 star app.
A little boy and his sister sat down for breakfast. The news said the sun would only last another 4.8 billion years.The boy thought this didn’t sound like a lot. He looked at his sister…..they had to help.

This is an adventure about a boy with a boundless imagination who believes anything is possible. On discovering there’s a problem with the life span of the sun, he decides he has to do something and, with the help of his resourceful little sister, they travel to the sun to try to fix it. Regular Price: FREE