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ABA DrOmnibus Home is a review and practice app designed to help young autistic children (ages 3 to 6) master basic skills. There is a companion system called ABA DrOmnibus Pro designed for use by therapists and teachers that can make assignments to the Home version for parents to use when following up therapy sessions, as well. There are 36 categories of activities, covering a range of skills from color matching and recognition through complex topics including comparing item attributes, recognizing facial expressions, and understanding environmental sounds.

Features include:

  • Supports language, attention, comprehension, and social skills development
  • Includes over 7,000 tasks in 36 categories
  • Provides scaffolded activities to ensure learning
  • Uses photographs for real-world images close to the child
  • Colors, illustrations, and sound effects are carefully controlled


ABA DrOmnibus is a very high quality app. Developers have partnered with experts in the field of ABA therapy and educators working with ASD children to create a wealth of valuable activities. The app will be very useful to parents working in conjunction with their therapist, but it is also available for parents to use on their own.

Everything is intuitive and easy to use. The app allows specific exercises to be assigned to children and keeps records of their performance. There are short, clear explanations for parents about the skills required for each group of activities, including suggestions about the age and level of children that the exercises will most benefit.

One minor problem was noticeable after the minigames sequence that is offered for rewards to players. The narrator says, “Let’s get back to” in the prompt, but the last word of the sentence was cut off on all the trials.  This quirk might be somewhat distracting or unnerving for the target audience.


ABA DrOmnibus is one of the best apps for autistic children that I have reviewed. It’s evident that developers took great pains to make the activities fun, useful and appropriate for young ASD children. With over 7,000 tasks, there is a LOT of content available, and it ranges from simple color matching and identification all the way up to very complex matching, categorizing, and comprehension skills.  In my opinion, the app would be useful well beyond the recommended age range of three to six years, depending on the individual’s needs and functional level.

I was particularly impressed by the scaffolding provided for correcting inaccurate responses. Each task offers a prompt and a selection of choices. If a player chooses an incorrect response, the correct answer is highlighted with a subtle border of color. If that does not prompt a correct response, an animated pointer hand appears and indicates the correct answer. The item is returned to the deck if the three levels of prompt are unsuccessful.

ABA DrOmnibus offers a selection of practical, real-life training, as well, including photographs of facial expressions to help players learn to distinguish these, photographs of everyday objects and actions, and even recordings of environmental sounds such as thunder, birds chirping, and more. All of these things will help autistic children learn to be comfortable and manage in their day to day lives.


Developers did a fine job of planning rewards and entertainment for the target audience.  Single correct responses are rewarded with a colorful counter that indicates the number of correct responses in the set. Completed exercise sets set off an avalanche of confetti, and several completed sets give players access to a selection of mini-games such as popping floating bubbles or playing drums with various tones and features.

All in all, the rewards are low-key and ideal for children with sensory issues yet fun and entertaining enough to keep young children engaged. Compared to other children’s apps, this one has hit a nearly perfect balance of entertaining but not overwhelming displays that truly reward hard work.


ABA DrOmnibus Home is free to try for 14 days. There are three subscription plans available to home users: $6.99 per month, $5.50 per month for a three-month term, and $4 per month for a one year term. All subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled with at least 24 hours notice prior to the end of the term. This is a great value for a well-constructed and valuable therapeutic program.

Records of the child’s activities and performance are available at the developers’ website. The app also has the capability to link to a therapist’s account, allowing both professional and parent to access reports, and giving the therapist option to assign specific exercises. There is no additional fee for this feature, but both therapist and parent need to have active subscriptions.

Child Friendliness

ABA DrOmnibus Home is very child-friendly. Adults can easily access reports online and can choose or assign specific exercises to the child. They can also reset each game’s progress when desired. All of these features are well-protected behind an effective parent gate that requires solving an equation of positive and negative integers.

  • Protected parent area 
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • In- App purchase (protected)


ABA DrOmnibus Home
ABA DrOmnibus
ABA DrOmnibus Home is an outstanding app designed to help autistic children and those with similar conditions practice early social, language, attention, cognition, and comprehension skills. The exercises are plentiful and appropriate for the target audience, and the app includes an excellent scaffolding system to help children feel successful while they build skills.
Child Friendly