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Unique descriptions help kids learn new ways to make their letters.

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ABC Learn and Trace Letters introduces kids to their letters in a unique way. Rather than simply showing kids the letters and having them trace them, it provides them with instructions based on common objects and games. For example, to make the letter B, kids are told “apple, tennis, tennis” to represent how kids’ fingers must move when creating the letters. Apple means to draw a line down, like an apple falling from a tree. Tennis means to create a bump like you’re hitting a tennis ball over the net and back again. The various movements all add up to a creative way to teach kids to form their letters.

Features include:

  • All 26 letters
  • Uppercase tracing only
  • Letter animations
  • Unique teaching method
  • Available in English and French


A peppy instrumental version of the alphabet song greets kids as they open the app. From there they can get started in the game which features brightly colored balloons, fun sound effects, and animations to introduce them to each of the letters. When kids get to the point where they’re ready to trace the letters, the app responds well, but kids must be sure to pay attention to the apples and make sure they’re making their lines go where they need to go.


The unique approach to tracing letters will help kids who may have trouble with more traditional directions. For example, to make the letter C, kids are told to make a banana. To make the spokes on the letter E they’re encouraged to make an airplane flying through the sky. Since these directions aren’t necessarily intuitive a short animation prefaces each letter so kids recognize the movements needed to trace them properly.


The cute animated frog guides kids from letter to letter and stars in many of the animations. Kids will also find themselves entertained by the fun sound effects and love the balloons that fly up when they correctly trace a letter. The positive reinforcement with phrases like “way to go” will also keep kids playing.


While the app itself has the look and feel of a traditional letter tracing app, its unique approach differs from most apps of its kind. This makes it ideal for parents who have little success with teaching their kids to trace letters through more traditional directions and helps kids connect with the letters in a new way.

The app would have more replay value if lowercase were added.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find the app easy to navigate, with the main screen giving them the option to play, select a language, or share with a friend. Parents will want to watch the share with a friend option as it allows kids to send e-mails without a parental block, but otherwise kids remain safely within the game. As they play, animations help them figure out what to do and they can always replay any animation if they have trouble tracing a letter.

Unique descriptions help kids learn new ways to make their letters.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars