Akzara is an adorable app for toddlers and preschoolers learning the alphabet. The app contains 26 puzzles; one for each letter of the alphabet. The puzzle shows a picture of an animal whose name starts with the letter, the narrator pronounces the animals name and directs the child to find the corresponding letter. To complete the puzzle, the child needs to choose the correct letter from the seven provided and drag it into the correct location.

The design has definitely been done with children in mind. Parents, don’t feel left out, we’ll get to you in a minute! The graphics are unique in that they look like somebody stitched them by hand and the colors are bold, but not distracting. There are not a lot of animations or buttons to distract the child from the task. The animals are lightly animated when touched. Narration and music add to the pleasant learning environment. The narrator does provide the child with encouragement and positive feedback. When the child completes the puzzle correctly they are rewarded with cheers and a “good job!”

Akzara didn’t forget about parents; there are parent-friendly features, too. One is how the app remembers the last puzzle played during that same day. Parents have a special area just for them under the Parents Zone. Here you will find statistical data for your child’s usage; such as number of minutes played, average accuracy, number of puzzles completed and so on. Included on this page is a button to clear usage data. The Parent Zone is not protected in any way; the child can easily access it and with the clear usage data being a nice red button it could easily attract your child’s attention.

Suggested improvements:

  • Provide a button to turn the music off or on.
  • Learning letter names and sounds go hand in hand; letter sounds are not included in Akzara, but need to be.
  • Pronounce the names of the seven letters (the child chooses from) when touched, instead of the current sound. The other letters in the animal name are pronounced when touched so I’m not sure why these are not.
  • Add some sort of protection to prevent the child from accessing the Parent Zone.
  • Consider adding additional content or reduce the price to reflect the amount of content.

Bottom line

Akzara is a cute kid’s app (iPad only) for toddlers and preschoolers learning the alphabet.