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Join Alph and Betty as they find themselves in their quirky and fun world with a ton of awesome games and educational activities to explore.

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Alph and Betty’s topsy Turvy World is a very creative app that is full of fun games, educational activities, and interactive illustrations that are wrapped in an entertaining story that children will love. There is so much to explore and play with in this app that children will certainly be playing for hours while practicing their letters, learning new words, and using their problem solving skills. This app is a must-have for all that it offers!

Features include:

  • 40+ Activities and mini games
  • Narration options
  • Alphabet practice


The first thing you will notice in this app is the quirky illustrations and fun concept. The developers have done an amazing job with creating very intricate images and interactive illustrations for children to explore. This topsy, turvy world is just that and it gives children lots of things to look at as they enjoy the story. The sound effects and narration options that are included make this app great for children of all ages and helps to keep children engaged as they play.

While all of the images and the sound effects are very well done, some of the buttons are not as easy to use and require players to tap them a few times to get them to work. With that said, the rest of the app is creative, fun, and offers a ton of things for children to explore and learn.


Alph and Betty’s Topsy Turvy World allows children to learn new words, practice their reading skills, and play a variety of educational games using their logic and problem solving skills. The set-up of this app is unique and offers several ways for children to play by either reading through the story themselves or by using the narration option. As they move through the app there, are doors that provide access to mini-games that offer more practice with various letters of the alphabet, puzzles, matching games. There is so much to explore kids can easily find new educational opportunities each time they play.

This app also features some highlighting of sorts. As the story plays, children are able to see the text with various letters that are red. This highlights the letter that players are using in that particular scene and creates another way for children to learn.

The main story allows children access to 8 letters of the alphabet where they are asked to help Alph and Betty in various ways by tapping items in the scene that begin with the particular letter, while other letters are used in some of the mini games. Overall, this app is a great way for children to enjoy some interactive, educational activities.


Not only is this app full of opportunities to learn, but the story itself is a bit quirky and fun. With various challenges to overcome in each page, children are able to explore the illustrations and mini games on their own. There are even clocks on each page that when tapped, create a timed challenge to find as many items that fit a particular category as possible. The mini games include matching games, puzzles, and games that create a bit of a challenge to complete, which gives children a ton of variety as far as activities go. This is certainly one app that will help children stay engaged as they play.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app is a great deal! There is so much to explore in the interactive images and illustrations that it isn’t likely children will be able to do it in one sitting. Alph and Betty’s Topsy Turvy World is one that will quickly become a family favorite and will stay there for a long time.

Child Friendliness

Parents can rest assured knowing this app does not include any in app purchases or advertising to distract children. There is a ‘more stuff’ tab that lets users know there are two other episodes of this app coming soon, however this area does not include any outside links.

In addition to it being safe, Alph and Betty’s Topsy Turvy World is great for kids. The set-up allows children to move through the app at their own pace and explore all that it has to offer. It may however require a little bit of getting used to with the in-story activities as it isn’t immediately clear what players need to do on each page. The developers have provided some written guidance for players if they get stuck, and parents can read through the ‘how to play’ area to help children as well. Another thing to note with this app is how some of the buttons seem a bit sticky when tapping them as mentioned above, which can interfere with the game play a bit.

Join Alph and Betty as they find themselves in their quirky and fun world with a ton of awesome games and educational activities to explore.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars