Alternatives To “Good Job” Your Children Will Love

Saying “Good job” to your kids all the time can start to seem…hollow. If it’s the only thing you ever say to them when they do well in school, score the winning goal, help around the house, etc., they might eventually think it doesn’t mean much. Avoid this issue permanently by using the following alternatives to “Good job”…kids will love them!

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“Thank You” With Explanations

Thank your children for what they’ve done and ‘splain why you are thankful. For example, say “Thank you for helping me with the dishes, we got to read more storybooks tonight because of it!” or “Thank you for helping me weed the vegetable garden, our veggies and herbs will grow up big and strong because they have more room to spread their roots!” Other ideas include “I really appreciate it when you rake leaves without me telling you to…it is so responsible of you!” Whatever you are thanking your children for, remember to be genuine. Very important.

Observations Based On Facts

Make observations based on facts–no emotion, no judgement, just a clear statement of what you saw. For example, try “Wow! That pillow fort you made is so big!” or “You did [this] and [that] and it worked out.” Also try “You did that on your own” and “We made [whatever] together.”

Extend The Conversation While You Encourage

Extend the conversation as you encourage your children. One way to go is “How did you do that?” Other options include “What can you tell me about your [project]?”, “How did you come up with that idea” and “What was your favorite part of the experiment/lesson/craft?”

Don’t Say Anything

Smile at your kids…you don’t always have to say something! Simply smile genuinely at them rather than forcing yourself to find the words. Besides, your kids might ask you what you thought or how they can improve their work!

Experiment with these options…and enjoy the fantastic results!