Avoid These Foods While Breastfeeding

Help your newborn baby grow up healthy and strong by avoiding certain foods while you’re breastfeeding. Heck, you’ll help yourself too! Make a list of the following foods to tack on your fridge as a reminder.

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High-Mercury Fish

Keep high-mercury fish out of your house, such as swordfish, king mackerel, and shark. Fish containing high mercury content can affect your baby’s developing brain due to a neurotoxin present in the chemical element. Opt for salmon, tuna, catfish, and shrimp instead, and limit your intake to twice a week.

Tea & Coffee

Okay, tea and coffee aren’t foods, but it’s still best to steer clear of them when you’re nursing. The caffeine content in both will result in a very fussy baby who has problems going to sleep. Switch to herbal, caffeine-free versions instead, such as fennel, nettle, and chamomile tea.

Citrus Fruits

Eat citrus fruits when you aren’t breastfeeding as part of a well-rounded diet. Try mangos and strawberries when you are breastfeeding, as highly-acidic citrus fruits can cause diaper rash, fussiness, and gastrointestinal problems.


Go for walnuts and almonds instead of peanuts, particularly if your family has a history of peanut allergies. Your baby could suffer from rashes, hives, and wheezing if she is allergic to the nut.

Spicy Foods

Stay away from spicy foods, as they could make your baby fussy or just uncomfortable. Try zesty foods “without the heat” instead.


Keep the herb out of your diet while you breastfeed, as it could cause your milk supply to dry up. Peppermint contains certain compounds that result in this issue.

Gas-Inducing Foods

Eliminate gas-inducing foods such as cabbage, sprouts, and broccoli from your diet to avoid making your baby’s tummy bloat. Gas-inducing foods will also give your baby gas…and make her uncomfortable.

Enjoy a healthy diet while you breastfeed (and any other time)!