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Awesome Eats is a great app that teaches children fun facts about a variety of healthy foods in a game-like setting.

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Awesome Eats is another app featured in our Healthy Eating Apps For Kids post that helps children learn a variety of health facts and identify and sort lots of fruits and vegetables. This app is so much more than just an educational app and is set up in a challenging game that keeps children motivated to keep playing through the many levels.

Features include:

  • 64 Levels
  • 4 Chapters
  • Healthy tips


Awesome Eats has so much character in the illustrations and images included in each level. Not only are there are variety of fruit and veggie characters, but the rest of the illustrations are very professional. There is also a variety of animated aspects in the app as well including a conveyor belt that moves, birds that fly in to steal the fruit, and animated faces for each piece of food. The sound effects are also a nice touch as children can hear the foods react to being moved to the correct space or being dropped into the wrong crate. Overall a very good quality app.


Awesome Eats is a great way to expose children to a wide variety of fruits and veggies in a fun and educational way. With mushrooms, apples, corn, spinach, and so many more, players will learn to separate and sort lots of foods while learning some great information between levels. After each level is complete a health or game tip appears on the screen allowing children to learn fun facts about certain foods. For instance, one fact is that carrots are good for your eyes. Players also get to learn the difference between organic foods and other foods. Overall the educational value of this app is very good.

One thing that I would have liked to see with the fun facts is an option to narrate them. Without this function, pre-readers do not get the benefit of learning these facts without the assistance of an adult or older sibling.


Awesome Eats has 64 levels increasing in difficulty and for children who love a good challenge this app is a lot of fun. Between sorting various fruits and veggies onto the correct conveyor belt and overcoming obstacles (like shooing birds and moving fruits around dishes), the game-like set up helps children stay engaged and entertained.


Awesome Eats is educational, entertaining, and absolutely free! Parents will be happy to know that with this awesome price tag comes a ton of great information and a fun interface that will keep children playing for a long time.

Child Friendliness

This easy to use app is extremely intuitive and does not require much instruction to get started. The helpful game tips that are provided between levels helps children improve their scores so they can get better and better as they play. The lack of narration for the healthy facts and game tips does limit the app a little bit in terms of who can use and enjoy it.

Another thing to note is that children are not able to move forward onto the next chapter (or level for that matter) without completing all of the previous levels and with so many levels in each section this can get a bit monotonous for some children. With that said, parents will appreciate the fact that this app is completely safe to use since there are no in-app purchases, social media links, or advertisements to be concerned about.

Awesome Eats is a great app that teaches children fun facts about a variety of healthy foods in a game-like setting.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars