My Baby Sleeps Face Down In The Mattress – Is That A Problem?

Is Sleeping Face Down In A Crib a Problem for Babies?

Babies can only do a few things especially during the first few months of life. One of the things that babies are experts at is sleeping. Different babies will sleep in different positions on the mattress; as a matter of fact, some babies will have their own unique, favorite sleeping style.

The main purpose of this article is to help parents know if it is alright for the baby to sleep face down in the mattress. I want the parents to know more about the baby’s different sleeping positions, as well as the hidden danger that the parents should watch out for their babies while they sleep.

Here’s what you need to know if your baby sleeps face down.

What Is SIDS And How Can It Affect My Baby?

Parents who are taking care of a little baby should put SIDS on top of their worry list. This is because Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS, can happen unexpectedly and there is still no solid explanation about why it happens to 1 out o 1000 infants.

Some risk factors for SIDS are: low birth weight, brain abnormalities and respiratory infection. The baby’s sleeping position is also another huge factor that parents must put into consideration if they want to help their babies avoid SIDS.

This is because the baby needs to inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide properly while sleeping. If the baby sleeps with his or her face down, the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide will be diminished. This is why for the past decade the “back to sleep” campaign has been enforced.

Parents are advised to make sure that their babies sleep on their backs because the baby can breathe better in this position. As a matter of fact, there has been a 50% decline in the incidence of SIDS ever since the campaign was launched.

SIDS results in the death of the infant, and although letting the baby sleep on his or her back will not guarantee that the child will not have SIDS, it is one way for the parent to decrease the child’s risk for this condition.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For The Baby?

Babies know how to sleep soundly, and while a lot of people think that a sleeping baby is what parents want so that they will have a momentary respite, parents know for a fact that the silence can sometimes be unnerving. This is why most parents feel the need to check on their babies even during sleep.

Without a doubt, parents would be shocked to see their babies sleeping with their faces planted firmly on the mattress. While this may not be a concern especially for babies who already know how to lift their head up and roll over, it might be wise for parents to train their babies not to sleep this way.

This is because according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the safest sleeping position for babies is on his or her back. Although the child can sleep on his or her side temporarily, parents should try their best to avoid letting the baby sleep with his or her face down so that the child can avoid having SIDS.

How Can I Stop My Baby From Sleeping Face Down?

One of the best ways for the parents to make sure that the baby does not sleep with his or her face down is to train your baby from the very beginning to sleep on his or her back. Some experts also say that during the first few months, the baby should sleep in the same room with the parents.

You can train the baby to sleep on his or her back by elevating the head of the crib. You can also use a reflux wedge, and you can extend his or her arms so the baby will not roll over. If the baby does rolls you can encourage the baby to sleep on his or her back by flipping the baby as soon as he or she sleeps.

This will allow the parents to be able to check the baby more often. The experts however, discourage parents and babies to sleep on the same bed as this can increase the baby’s risk for SIDS. You should also make sure that the baby’s bed does not have anything that might become a breathing obstruction.

It is much safer to let the baby freely roll over than for parents to use blankets, pillows, or stuffed toys to keep the baby in place. You can use positioning products like the Swanling Slumber Sleeper to keep the baby on his or her back, or an air permeable mattress so the baby to breathe even with the face down.


SIDS is definitely a very serious matter that parents should be aware of. This problem can happen if you let newborn babies sleep with his or her face down, this is why parents should always make sure that the baby sleeps in the proper position. SIDS however, rarely happens to babies 13 months old and up.

Experts say that parents with babies who already know how to lift his or her head up and roll over should not be overly worried if the baby sleeps with the face down. But if you want to stay safe, you should let the baby sleep in the proper position, and you should also consider using the right products.