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The parents head on vacation and leave the kids behind in a cute story that teaches kids how to handle their time away.

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Most parents need to get away every now and then, but leaving the kids for a few days can evoke a range of emotions. Back Soon – Parents Vacation uses a cute rhyming story to help kids learn about the emotions they may experience when their parents go away. Even though Anna and her little brother Dan have their grandparents to entertain them, they still miss their mom and dad. By learning from the experience of Anna and Dan, kids will be more prepared when their parents take a vacation of their own.

Features include:

  • Cute rhyming story
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Read to Me option
  • Read to Myself option


Back Soon – Parents Vacation gains points more for the lessons it teaches than the quality of the story. The story is narrated with an engaging child’s voice, features a fun rhyme and is illustrated with colorful pictures. However, at times the rhyme seems a bit forced and the illustrations, while interactive, are very simple. Still kids will enjoy read through the story which they can do easily using the arrows and the page selector to help guide them from page to page.


When it comes to teaching kids about emotions, the story does a good job. It accurately captures the way many children feel when mom and dad go away. The story is also good for encouraging kids to read as it is written in a fun rhyming format. What the app lacks is text highlighting which it could use to boost its educational value, especially because some of the words are a little advanced for the lower end of its age group.


Anna has a fun voice that will hook kids from the beginning of the story. Kids will also enjoy meeting her little brother, their parents, and grandparents. As kids read, they’ll have the opportunity to interact with the illustrations. Most of the illustrations don’t do much, but in a few instances kids can complete tasks such as packing a suitcase or matching toys with their shadows. These activities will appeal more to the preschool and kindergarten set, while older kids will enjoy more of the story itself.


While priced similarly to other interactive eBooks for kids, the app’s value comes more from the story’s lesson and less from the features it contains. If parents are planning to go on vacation, it’s worth a download, especially for the longing chart at the end of the story.

Child Friendliness

Kids will be very safe within the app. Aside from a credits screen which contains information about the people who created the app and an inactive link to the developer’s website, the sole focus of the app is on the story.

  • NO external links
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  • NO in-app purchase
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The parents head on vacation and leave the kids behind in a cute story that teaches kids how to handle their time away.

$ $2.99
Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars