Balance bike converts to pedal bike.

Children are the most precious and beautiful thing in a human life. The way they imitate every new thing they see is always fascinating.

Balance Bike is a great concept to teach these infant minds how to balance and steer. The best thing about balance bike is it is pedal less. Pedals are undoubtedly an important addition to a bike and you might think how it is possible to ride a bike without pedals.

The answer is push. Pedals could be a dangerous addition to a child bike because it can lead to many accidents. But balance bikes are nearly accident free.

The concern is when your child masters the process of balance bike he might want to change to a more professional bike, a pedal bike. Hipkids is an excellent bike that can be used both as a balance bike and can be converted into a pedal bike. Below are the steps to conversion.

Attaching pedal to your balance bike:

Step 1: First, you need to higher the seat of your child’s balance bike. There is an opposite ‘S’ shaped design at the rear of the bike. On the upper head of the opposite ‘S’ the rear tire is positioned and you need to position it on the lower head.

Step 2: In this step you will attach the pedal which is attached with chain ring from the lowest point of the seat rod then push the pedal portion upward to make it tighter. Then attach the pin given with the bike to permanently the pedal portion with the bike.

Step 3: Here we are going to attach the chain with the bike. First attach the chain with the chain ring and then take off your rear tire once more and attach the chain with the cassette positioned with the rear tire. Now place your tire where it was before.

Step 4: Place the plastic made chain protector on the top of the chain ring and the cassette. Then attach the pin in the hole situated at the rear portion of the protector to stick it permanently with the bike.

Step 5: Attach the rubber made paddles in the paddle hole and give the bike to your balance bike outgrown child

Balance bike is an important toy for a child to grow up into a healthier one. But even balance bikes should have options to be converted into a pedal bike just like Hipkids bike. More bike makers should start this as soon as possible.

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