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Bogga Magic offers an interactive look at the magic of illusion for the very young. Preschoolers can dress the star of the show, choose magic tricks for him to perform, and exercise their creativity and language skills as they play this low-key, stress-free activity.

Features include:

  • Creative control over look and feel of Ted, the magician
  • Interactive magic show puts kids in control
  • Intuitive control for all activities
  • Unique interactions foster language development
  • Interesting way to apply cause and effect


Bogga Magic is a high-quality app. Developers have really focused on making the app intuitive and easy to use. All of the features work as expected and are well-designed for the target audience. The artwork and sound effects are cute and fun, and the tasks that make the app work are perfect for very young children.


This is a very low-key app that will delight young children while providing essential practice in reasoning, language, sequencing and a host of other readiness skills.  It’s a fun way to put your child in charge of learning through play. Players first get to dress the main character in their choice of colors, which is a great time to talk about and name colors as well. Next, they can assemble a magic wand to use in the show. While they work, be sure to talk about “top” and “bottom” and other descriptive words and phrases. Once the wand is ready, the show begins!

Your child can name the bear anything he or she wants, but for convenience’s sake, we will follow the designers’ lead and call him “Ted.” Ted takes center stage and young users can choose from an assortment of illusions by choosing options on the right of the screen. These are grouped by type, and your child will enjoy exploring each section to make Ted perform different types of tricks.  The tricks range from standard stage illusions like floating through a hoop or changing the content of boxes through very unusual feats that will astound and amaze little ones. Each is accompanied by appropriate oohs and aahs from the audience, as well as the occasional “Ta-dah!” from Ted. As the magic show goes on, have your young one describe what is happening in each trick, and speculate about how the trick was done. Be sure to use sequencing words like “first, next, and then,” position words, and descriptive words.


Ted also reacts when your child touches him. Most of the interactions are cute, but some sensitive children might be a bit offended when he passes a little gas!  Young users can also change Ted’s outfit color or try out a different type of magic wand by using the controls on the left hand side of the screen.


Magic is fascinating to nearly all age groups, and young children are generally no exception, especially when they are in charge of the show. It doesn’t really matter the magic is digital; the point is to use the action on the screen as a jumping off place for language and for learning. Developers also have included a link to a magical project that your children might well enjoy in real life, so check the parents’ section for details.  This app provides lots of control to empower children, which will enhance its play value for many usages, too.



Bogga Magic is a good value, especially if your child is about to see or has recently seen a magician. Making that connection to real life will be invaluable! Even if no real magic acts are on the horizon, this app is a wonderful tool for encouraging those all important language skills. It’s vital that young children get a good command of how to describe what they see and experience, learn to relate events in sequence, and learn to tell about position in space using words like “under,” “above,” and “beside.”

Child Friendliness

Bogga Magic is very child-friendly. The app contains a parents’ section that is well-protected by an effective parent gate. Inside this section are outside links, social media, and ratings, as well as instructions to use the app.  The parents’ area contains some great information about how to make the most of the app, as well as information about a magic trick children can learn from the developers’ website, so it’s well worth a look. Children who play will just experience the app, and parents can rest assured that the kids are safe no matter what buttons they happen to touch.

  • Protected parent area (contains external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
Bogga Magic
Bogga Magic
Bogga Magic lives up to its name in that it will entrance most young children. Make the most of this app by playing with your child, and you will find that it builds language and thinking skills in almost magical fashion.
Child Friendly
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