How to Choose a Perfect Teepee

If you’re trying to find a perfect present for your kids, one that would be original, imaginative and inspiring, look no further than a teepee! It might come as a surprise, but this simple gift can turn any slumber party into a fairytale, and it can be an excellent addition to any birthday party. Tell your kids about the origins of this tent, and you’ll encourage their imagination even further.

But what do you need to look for when choosing a teepee for your kids? From a parent’s perspective, it’s all about safety and durability, but let’s take a look at all the factors you should take into consideration before making a purchase!


Outside or inside?

For kids who would enjoy an evening of storytelling, book reading or just some outdoor fun in the backyard, this Dexton Great Plains Teepee is a safe haven for outside playtime. Water-repellent and very durable cotton along with easy setup lets your kids discover the joys of camping and napping under the stars.You can also let them decorate the canvas with colors to give their tiny space their personal touch, and stickers to illuminate it with gentle light.

​Enchanting and comfy

With a soft cotton canvas, strong beech poles and just a splash of color, the charming Cattywampus teepee has plenty of room for creative activities. It fits three kids, and has an added pocket for their treasures, while the small window on the canvas allows for the moonlight or sunshine to light up the space, and the front door makes this teepee a perfect “hide and seek” spot.It comes with a specially designed name card with gold foil to signify the chief of the tent, so you can help your kids add more decorations to embellish their special nook.

​Colorful and practical

For kids that will love a vividly decorated teepee that comes with two entrance options, a sliced front door and a secret tunnel, this Santa Fe Giant Teepee is the perfect solution. Easily assembled and with transparent windows on the top for safety supervision, this teepee has a polyester floor that can handle some messy meals and playtime.As a perk for parents, it comes with a storage bag and differently colored poles to make the assembling simple.

Dreamy and eco-friendly

If your kids are prone to allergies and skin problems, a cotton canvas is a must, but this LoveTree Teepee still brings some imagination with its wonderful embroidered decorations, leaving room for your kids to add their own embellishments. The New Zealand environmental pine poles are sanded smooth for added safety and comfort, and no chemicals are used in the making of this play tent, so your little ones can even take part in putting up the teepee.

Breathable, bright and perfect for daydreaming, it has a window to allow the parents a peek and let some light in for those long reading sessions just before the afternoon nap.

In addition to cotton comfort, safety windows, dreamlike decorations, the roomy, well-lit nook of these simple inventions can be a perfect play-space no matter if your kids are alone, playing with their siblings or even having a few friends for a sleepover. They can come up with their own stories in the safe corner of their teepees, take naps, read fairy tales or role play while learning about the cultures that first designed these tents.

They can serve as a perfect family bonding experience, when you share the legends and tales involving the teepee, read them bedtime stories, and you can encourage your kids to dream up their own worlds in what will quickly become their unique hideout and their favorite birthday gift!