Choosing The Best Wagons For Kids

Wagons are great for kids and parents; there’s room for friends, toys, and even the family dog. Kids love being pulled around in wagons, and it makes things easier on parents during walks. My daughter got a wagon for her second birthday, and spends some days sitting in it more than her actual chair.

If your children are begging you for a wagon, you have some comparison shopping to do. Some have more features, some are larger and better for multiples. What makes a good wagon worth purchasing?

If your child is one who always wants to bring toys with them to the play, then a wagon may be right for you. Until they are at the age where they can walk by your side without running off, being able to keep them entertained while out for a stroll or headed to the park makes wagons worth it.

As long as they are able to sit independently, you are ready to begin looking for the best wagons for kids.

Choosing The Best Wagons For Kids

Things To Look For In A Good Wagon

The days of the old red Radio Flyer metal wagon are gone, and so too are the standards for wagons. Many parents want something strong and comfortable that they can take with them to the beach, the baseball game in the park, and everything in between.

What are the most important things to look for when choosing the right wagon for your family?

  • Safety
  • Easy to navigate
  • Space


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A good wagon should be solidly constructed and have seat belts. Thick plastic, no sharp edges, no excessive metal. Anything that is easy to clean and avoids getting too hot if left out in the sun is ideal. Most wagons are made of similar material as playhouses and slides, so they can hold up to elements fairly easily.

Some wagons will only have one seat, and that’s ok. Just make sure that whatever seats that are present, have seatbelts. A ‘locking’ door latch is also helpful in keeping the ride safe.

Easy to navigate

Easy to navigate
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This seems like a given, but you definitely want to choose a wagon that can be steered easily. Some handle don’t have as good of a turn radius, and that makes for awkward maneuvering around corners or over curbs. Being able to pull your kids without thinking too much about every step will keep it fun for everyone.


When looking for a good wagon, look for adequate leg space. If more than one child is riding, there should be enough room for them both to sit comfortably. Some wagons have storage areas beneath the seats for objects, in order to offer more space for riders.

Reviewing The Five Best Wagons For Kids On The Market

Whether shopping for one kid, or siblings and their things, below is a list of the top five wagons for kids available in 2017.

1. Step2 Wagon for Two Plus

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue Read Parent Reviews | Check Best Prices

This wagon is what I use with my daughter, and we love it! It was easy to assemble, and has withstood rain or shine during many long walks to the neighborhood playground. There is plenty of space for long legs, even if both riders are tall.

The seat belts are sturdy and keep kids comfortably in their seats throughout the ride. The door latch closes securely, giving peace of mind for parents, and opens for easy in and out. The handle is long and easy to turn, able to make tight U-turns and steady adjustments on curvy paths.

The only downside with this wagon is that it can be quite noisy, as the wheels have thick ridges on them for traction. Walking down the street is a little loud, but is better on sidewalks.


  • Easy door latch keeps door closed during ride
  • Dual seat belts for two riders
  • Ample leg space and drainage hole in floor for rain
  • Long handle for easy pulling


  • Can be loud over pavement

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2. Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

81r5jCrlOLL._SL1500_Read Parent Reviews | Check Best Prices

The classic Radio Flyer is now available in a plastic alternative! Inspired by the original classic red metal wagon, this wagon is built for two, providing padded adjustable seats with five different angles. Seat belts are included for added safety.

The handle does not turn with front wheels, providing a no-tip guarantee. A thick canopy can be attached quickly to shade from UV rays, coming off and storing away when not needed. Each seat has storage space for your kid’s things and essentials.

Extra large tires offer a quieter ride while being terrain-ready. This item is recommended for ages 18 months and up.


  • Five way folded seats
  • Padding for comfortable ride
  • Canopy to protect from UV rays
  • Extra large quiet ride tires
  • Front handle has no-tip turning
  • Storage under seats


  • Wagon does not have as much legroom as other models
  • Plastic cannot be replaced if worn out

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3. Step2 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon

Step2 now has a quiet ride option for kids with their 3-in-1 touring wagon. This wagon has an optional table surface for eating and drinking while riding. When the table surface isn’t used, the wagon can become a flatbed surface for napping or everyday practical hauling.

The seats are molded for increased comfort. A large canopy protects from UV rays and rain, and can be unclipped and left at home if not needed. Large soft molded tires provide a quieter ride than the Wagon for Two model.

Assembly may be more difficult than some wagons, as all of the parts arrive disassembled. Step-by-step visual instructions are included.


  • Removable side railings
  • Removable tables when not in use
  • Molded seats for comfort
  • Seat belts included
  • Table surface can also convert wagon into flatbed
  • Canopy


  • Difficult assembly

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4. Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon

Little Tikes’ Deluxe Ride and Relax wagon has both parents and children in mind, with their versatile wagon-to-bench design. The sides fold down when seated for a bench area, allowing the wagon to be the only child seat necessary to bring. The sides can be removed for hauling and flatbed usage.

A large umbrella shades from UV rays and rain, along with water resistant material on the wagon itself improving weather readiness. A cooler comes attached on both side, keeping drinks and food cool and out of the wagon space, improving leg room. QuietRide wheels help keep the adventure less noisy, an advantage over some other brands.

Turning is a little more difficult due to wagon design at the front handle junction point, but is fine for straighter stretches. Assembly is more difficult than other pre-assembled models, requiring more initial construction of individual parts.


  • Umbrella blocks UV rays and rain
  • Attached cooler keeps drinks and snacks cool
  • Side folds down into bench for event seating
  • QuietRide wheels reduce noise


  • Turning is difficult
  • Assembly is difficult

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5. Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon

If you have three or more children, this wagon may be perfect for you! This item comfortably hold three children, with seatbelts for each individual seat to keep them safe. A storage bag in the rear folds away when not used, and has plenty of room for all of their things.

6 total cup holders allow for plenty of drinks to be included. When not in use, simply fold the handle underneath the wagon for compact and easy storage, making this wagon ideal for car trips.

This wagon has been a game changer for many families with multiple small children. Usually, with three or more children, one of them has to walk or be carried outside of a stroller. This wagon may give your arms a break and keep all of your children contained and happy!


  • Room for three children
  • 4 child cup holders and 2 adult
  • Extra large optional rear storage bag
  • Seat belts included
  • Handle folds away under wagon for compact storage


  • Axle or wheel reported to break after a few uses

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The Winner Is…

All of these wagons reviewed met the three standard features for wagons for kids, but only one went the extra mile in versatility and comfort; the Step2 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon. With 3 separate modes, canopy, and tray tables, this wagon may keep your kids happy for long outings, providing a comfortable and multi-purpose riding space.

There’s room for plenty of things, and space to nap when snack time is over. Since this wagon can be used for general purposes as well as towing kids, it may be the only one you’ll ever need.

Whether you have one child or more, choose the best wagon that can deliver all of your needs. A sturdy and spacious wagon will keep you and your children happy for many outings to come!