ChoreMonster Review


Do you have children who are ready for chores?  If so, you should definitely check out the new ChoreMonster app.  With ChoreMonster, parents can encourage their children to complete chores and other tasks by offering a fun reward.  I thought that the ChoreMonster app had a great concept and one that both parents and their kids would enjoy.

The way ChoreMonster works is simple: kids will earn points & rewards by completing their assigned chores.  Once kids have earned enough points (parents determine the scale), they can cash in their points for rewards.  I like how the parents have complete control of what chores are assigned, as well as what type of rewards will be given.  Parents can add in chores like setting the dinner table, cleaning their bedroom, taking out the trash and anything else they would like to add.  Of course, parents can add in rewards as well, like going to get ice cream, an hour of video game time, or even something big like a camping trip or a trip to an amusement park!  I really like how the app features both a Parents tab and a Kids tab.  Within the Parents tab, parents will add chores, assign rewards, etc.  And within the Kids tab, children can see their chores and mark them as complete when they are done.  For each chore completed, kids will get a ticket to the Monster Carnival.  At the Monster Carnival, kids have a chance win and collect all 250 monsters!

I really enjoyed the ChoreMonster app.  I thought that this app would be a great way to take the tension and frustration out of household chores, and make it a fun process instead.  If you have children who do chores, I would highly recommend checking out this app!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.