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Cookie Next Door-Rainy Days App Review

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Cookie Next Door-Rainy Days is a delightful and innovative app that allows children to use their wild imaginations to create their very own story and watch as it comes to life on the big screen.

Cookie Next Door-Rainy Days is by far one of the most innovative creativity apps for kids. This delightful story telling app allows children to use their imaginations to tell the story of Cookie’s adventure on the high seas based on illustrations that are provided. Each page offers various pictures that children can narrate with the voice recorder that will bring their story to life in conjunction with the animations included on each page. Once the storyboard is complete, they can watch their story come to life on stage in the “Storyteller’s Theater”, complete with music, animation, and fun stage props to add to the overall experience. This unique app is perfect for children with wild imaginations just looking for an outlet.

Features include:

  • Illustrations ready for narration
  • Voice studio
  • Bookshelf for sharing stories
  • Storyteller’s Theater that brings the story to life

This app takes creativity and ingenuity to a whole new level. With fun interactive scenes ready for narration, high quality audio, customizable voices for each character, and the “Storyteller’s Theater”, this app is truly a unique experience for both children and parents. There are several pages of comic book style illustrations that are interesting and allow for a wide variety of stories to emerge as children interpret the pictures. The suspenseful music and sound effects work perfectly with the illustrations as they help set the scene for children and their stories. Another fun feature is the customizable voice studio that allows pitch changes for each character which allows children to not only be the writer for the story, but also the producer.

The Storyteller’s Theater brings the story to life on the big screen with props, music, animation, and an audience that shows their appreciation for a wonderful production through their cheering and clapping. After viewing their wonderful masterpiece in the theater kids unlock the bookshelf that houses 2 additional notebooks that can be used to create other variations of the story or to allow their friends or siblings to create their own masterpiece.

While this app doesn’t directly relate to any one educational aspect, it allows children to not only use their imagination while constructing their story, but also allows them to use their logic. Based on various illustrations they are using visual cues to allow the story to speak to them as they determine what is happening and how to communicate it effectively in this innovative production. From start to finish this app allows children the freedom to mold their story into a digital masterpiece they will be proud to share and puts a fun twist on story-telling.

The entertainment benefits of this app far outweigh the educational aspects in just the concept alone. As children use their imaginations to build a story based on the illustrations provided, they will have a blast thinking of all the different story lines that can coincide with the illustrations. Once they see their masterpiece hit the stage they are sure to be proud of what they have created and may even begin thinking of how they can change it the next time.

With the Bookshelf portion of the app, children can create various versions of their story, or share with friends or siblings. The voice record is also a fun way to get children involved with the story as they can set the right pitch for each character and work on their own voice inflections to make their digital work of art just right. The end of the story involves a cliffhanger that leads me to believe there will be more story options with additional updates, or additional stories available for purchase, but until those are available, children are sure to enjoy the freedom of creating a digital story all their own.

I think many parents will agree that finding an interactive, engaging, and creative app for kids for free is outstanding. For a limited time this app is being offered for free and I must admit even with a fee this is a great value. The fact that parents can share this app with up to 3 children in addition to all the high quality animation, sound effects, and the Storytellers Theater make this a great buy!

Cookie Next Door-Rainy Days is set up very well and is fairly simple to use, though pre-school aged children will need some assistance from parents. Once children get into the app and discover how to record their story and customize the voices they will hit the ground running. The animation and sound effects are perfect for engaging kids especially as they watch the story come to life. For younger children, parents might want to assist their child as they create the story, or create one themselves that their child can enjoy watching.

Parents will not have to worry about any in app advertisements, purchases, or social media links as this app doesn’t have any. Children are free to explore and create their unique digital masterpieces as they formulate their own stories without any concern they will end up somewhere they shouldn’t be. Simply put this unique app offers safe and creative fun for children of all ages.

Cookie Next Door-Rainy Days
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