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Want a fun new way to teach your little one classic children’s songs? The new CookieCoo Dancing Star app combines fun kid’s tunes, cute dancing characters and rhythm gameplay for a bright and shiny app that’s a ton of fun.

In CookieCoo Dancing Star, your child will be able to tap along to songs. Choose from three difficulties (easy, normal and hard) or let your little one sing along and enjoy the show in watch mode. You can even customize which instrument they tap on and which character dances along. It’s pretty darn cute, and my kids loved the characters instantly.

The CookieCoo Dancing Star app comes with three classic songs: Hokey Pokey, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and This is the Way We Wash Our Face. It also has 12 additional songs and a whole other album of 15 songs that are coming soon. Unfortunately, each set of three songs costs an additional $.99 to unlock. That raises a few red flags in my book.

For starters, that means the app has a ton of links to buy additional content. It also means that it’s going to cost you at least five dollars to unlock all the current content, and another $5 when the new album comes out. While CookieCoo Dancing Star is a really cute application and the concept is cool, I just don’t see it meriting that much of an investment. A lot of these songs are featured in educational morning shows, or you could easily teach them to your little one yourself.

I could see the value in this app increase if you were focusing on teaching your little one about rhythm, or grooming a future drummer from the age of 2. Otherwise, I just don’t see it having the staying power to justify the price, at least for my family.

Bottom line

CookieCoo Dancing Star is well crafted and full of cartoon fun, but the price tag and links to in-app purchases bring its star score down a bit.

Entertain and educate little ones with this musically mesmerizing rhythm game sensation!

CookieCoo Dancing Star teaches kids to sing and play along with a variety of popular, educational children’s songs. With a variety of instruments to choose from, and a troupe of five cuddly, silly dancers to accompany the songs, children will fall in love with this game, and parents will too!

CookieCoo Dancing Star is designed to be easy for little hands to get the hang of, and is appropriate for a wide range of ages. Children can play at different difficulty levels, by themselves or with a parent, or they can simply enjoy watching the CookieCoo dancing stars dance and sing. There are plenty of popular songs to choose from, and many more are on the way!


-Child-friendly interface

-Watch mode for those who aren’t ready to play along yet

-Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels

-Friendly, positive feedback—no frustration!
Regular Price: $.99