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A space-themed math app that allows players to challenge one another in their math skills to see who can become the next Cosmic Reactor Champion. Great for families to play together.

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Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic is an exciting educational game that allows players to face off as they test their math skills. With a variety of difficulty levels in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, this app is a great way for children to practice solving math problems quickly and accurately in order to beat their opponent.

Features include:

  • 7 Games
  • Multi-player
  • 6 Fun characters
  • Customizable difficulty levels


Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic is a space themed math game that uses illustrations of planets, fun characters, and a cartoon-like background to engage and entice children as they test their math skills. The graphics in some cases resemble that of a computer game with simple orbs and alien shapes to play with. The interface is fairly simple to use and developers have included a little instruction animation at the beginning of each game so it is clear how to play. The sound effects fit the theme very well with their space sounds and mission-themed music that illustrates a sense of urgency for players to quickly complete the problems. The theme is certainly one that will go over well with children who like a good challenge.

The only issue I found with the app is that it has a tendency to shut-down if the app is open for too long without any action.


Great for practicing math skills, this app offers players the chance to beat their opponent in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. After selecting their avatar characters, players must select the type of problems they want solve. They can select any of them singularly i.e. just addition or a combination (addition and subtraction) to increase the difficulty. They also get to choose whether they want problems using numbers 1-10, 1-20, or 1-50 which also increases the difficulty. With many options to choose from, this app gives kids a fun way to test their math skills in an innovative way.


Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic allows children to challenge themselves against their opponents to see whose math skills are the best. They also have the option of selecting their avatar and playing one of seven games over various difficulties. This is great for siblings or friends who are ready to get some math practice and see who can become the Cosmic Reactor Champion! For anyone who loves a good challenge, this app is a ton of fun!


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a great deal. It offers a multi-player, educational game that will challenge players to think fast. The concept is great and it inspires children to get better and better which in turn would require them to keep coming back to test their skills. This is one app that would be a great addition for families with more than one school-aged child.

Child Friendliness

While this app is easy to use and provides an instructional animation before each game, it isn’t the best app for younger children. There are a ton of distractions with other apps from the developers that can cause children to be lead astray.

The main page shows an advertisement for another app by the developer as well as access to the “Fingerprint Network” that allows families to create an account to track progress in the app as well as many other options. While these areas are protected from younger children with a specific number sequence that must be entered, it can get distracting for children just beginning the game. Finding a way to separate these aspects from the game a bit more would help make this app more child friendly.

A space-themed math app that allows players to challenge one another in their math skills to see who can become the next Cosmic Reactor Champion. Great for families to play together.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars