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Price: $3.99

Creative Book Builder (CBB) is an app that allows the user to create and publish books. While many apps are available for book creation, this one stands out among the crowd. The $3.99 price buys a powerful creative tool that can be used for a wide variety of projects.

First off, this app is designed for an older age range. It utilizes none of the cute features of apps aimed at younger kids, and takes a little more skill to learn & use the available tools. This app would appeal to anyone, from grade 4 up to adults, who want to create and share a more polished, professional product. Yet it is kid-friendly, with no ads or social media options, so parents can feel safe allowing their children to learn the functions by playing with them.

As far as function goes, CBB allows you to create anything from interactive picture books to full length novels. It is a wonderful tool for creating photo albums of important events, book reports, and anything else you might dream up. The app is loaded with a full range of tools that allow you to dictate the choice of font, format, etc. You can add images, sound clips, video clips, dropbox files, and web links right onto the pages of your book. You can even edit images within the app & add multiple choice questions. There are more creative options than I can list, as I am still discovering new functions after several weeks of use!

The app does take some time to learn, as there are so many editing & multimedia tools available. However, rearranging and deleting elements is a simple task, and you can work on multiple projects at the same time. When your project is complete, there are a multitude of options for sharing. The book can be exported to iBooks, emailed, shared via Dropbox or Google Docs, uploaded to various servers, or converted to a mobile web app. You can also choose to publish as an ePub file or PDF, which means that the book can be opened in most ereaders, although not all programs can handle the multimedia components. iBooks is one program option that can open the books and display all content correctly.

If this app is missing anything, it is only a few style options. I would like to be able to change the color of the background page (not just the paragraph) and have the ability to lay text over images, etc. But I find these missing options to be very insignificant when there are so many other elements that I have complete control over. Perhaps later updates will provide these options.

Bottom line

This is an app that provides kids & adults with powerful tools for serious book creation, and does it very nicely. The productivity is well worth the $3.99 cost.

Creative Book Builder
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