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Dinosaur Train A to Z is featured in the At-A-Glance: Dinosaur Apps for Kids post and is a fun, educational app that teaches children a variety of fun facts about 26 different dinosaurs. Everything from how they walk and what they eat, to the structure of their bodies is covered in this highly interactive app. With narration and text highlighting that further enhance the usability, this app is great for dinosaur lovers of all ages and especially those that already enjoy the PBS Kids television show Dinosaur Train.

Features include:

  • Narration throughout
  • Text Highlighting
  • 26 Dinosaurs included


The first thing parents will notice with this app is the incredible high quality images and illustrations that are used throughout. Not only are they brightly colored and visually appealing, they are also interactive which is great for young children. The Train option allows children to simply swipe the train down the tracks to locate the letter they want to explore, while the dinosaurs section allows children to filter the dinosaurs by using specific characteristics. These two ways of using the app are very simple and don’t require separate instruction or directions to explore. The sound effects are also a great feature in this app and include nature sounds as well as dinosaur roars and growls that help to create a total dinosaur experience for children.


There is so much to learn in Dinosaur Train A to Z. Not only will children be able to learn 26 different dinosaur names (one for each letter of the alphabet), they also get to learn fun facts like what types of food each animal eats, where they lived, what time period they are from etc. Players are able to explore the dinosaurs in two interactive ways. They can either touch a letter of the alphabet in the ‘Train’ portion of the app or filter and explore the dinosaurs in the ‘Dinosaur’ tab that lists all 26. However they choose to begin, players can view the skeleton, feed the dinosaur, and learn additional fun facts about each creature using special buttons at the bottom of each screen.

The ‘Dinosaur’ feature allows children to filter the dinosaurs based on specific characteristics such as, bipedal, marine, carnivore etc. This adds another level of education as they group similar dinosaurs together.

As children are learning fun facts about each dinosaur, they can follow along with the narrator and text highlighting to learn new vocabulary and work on their reading skills. This is especially helpful since many of the dinosaur names can be quite a mouthful. Overall this app provides a great way for children to learn interesting facts about a variety of dinosaurs in a fun and interactive way.


While there aren’t any specific entertainment features in the app, dinosaur lovers will definitely have fun interacting with each dinosaur as they explore. The app allows players to tap, tilt, and feed the dinosaurs as they bring them to life. This interactive piece is especially great for young children. Another fun feature allows children to select their favorite dinosaurs that are kept in a different list, making them easy to access later.

The developers will also be adding a Dinosaur Letter feature that allows children to spell their name using the letters as an additional activity.


Priced at just under two dollars currently, this app is a great value. There is a ton of great information that is provided in an easy to use and easy to understand way that children will love. They may not even realize they are learning as they engage with the app. When you consider the amazing illustrations, images, sound effects for 26 dinosaurs included, this app is a steal.

The developers have also included an option to purchase more dinosaurs in various 10 dinosaur packs. There are two additional packs that are available for purchase for just under a dollar each with many others that will be available soon. These additional packs add more educational value and fun to an already great app. When you consider what you might pay for a book that isn’t nearly as entertaining and interactive, this app even with the additional packs is still a good deal.

Child Friendliness

Dinosaur Train A to Z is great for children of all ages. The narration and text highlighting make it easy for pre-readers to enjoy. The intuitive interface allows children to play without any instruction or assistance from parents. Parents will also appreciate the fact that while there are areas that offer in-app purchases and access to other apps by the developer, the links are protected. Overall, this app is easy to use and safe for children to explore and learn a ton about dinosaurs.

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Category Education
Apps by Age and Grade Under 5,Kinder GardenGrade 1
Publisher PBS Kids
Last Updated 5 Years Ago
Version 1.9.1
Price $1.99
size 419.3 MB


Dinosaur Train A to Z
Dinosaur Train A to Z
Dinosaur Train A to Z is an awesome educational app that teaches children a ton of great information about dinosaurs through various interactive images and narrated text. Perfect for the dinosaur lover in your home!
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