Reviewed Kids App

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Discover Your Body is a fantastic way of teaching kids about the human body in a fun, hands-on, but educational way.

There are 3 modes in the app; Explore, Assemble and Color. Explore shows and tells you all about different parts of the body with “touch to hear” narration and descriptive text which is clear and simple. The other 2 modes, Assemble and Color, let’s you put your knowlege to the test in the form of timed games.

I would like to see the game based Assemble and Color modes test on everything learnt about in the Explore section. It is sometimes difficult to “drag and drop” the right part of the body resulting in a wrong answer.

I highly recommend this app for kids ready to learn about human anatomy, but for partent not quite ready to explain the reproductive system.

Discover Human Body HD is a funny and educative application for kids and adults. It allows you to explore the human body, learn about its organs and parts. Stunning graphics, crystal-clear sound with professional native speaker, funny sound effects – it’s everything you may need from an iPad app!

By the way, this is probably the one of the best apps of its kind that allows you to learn the English language as well! Body parts ? No problem !

Key features:

1. Explore the body parts. Display the body (of a boy or of a girl), explore different body parts – tap a body part to see its name.
Turn on the “Hotspot” mode to see which body parts or organs can be tapped.

2. Explore major internal systems of the body. Display them on top of the boy’s or the girl’s body so that you can see the exact location of its parts. Do you know where exactly the shoulder blades are located ? Where is your liver ?

There are 8 extra layers available:

-> the skeleton

-> the muscles

-> the heart and the blood system,

-> the pulmonary system – the lungs,

-> The gastrointestinal tract – the stomach, the liver…

-> The kidneys,

-> the brain and the nervous system

-> the senses.

For some of the layers extra pictures are available. Simply tap the “Magnifying glass” to open it.

-> The brain. Discover major brain parts!

-> The heart, the blood. Do you like the image ?

-> The lungs,

-> The eye, the ear .

-> The hand. Enjoy the “Hand piano” – can you play a simple music by tapping the hand ?

-> The teeth. Do you know the names of your teeth ?

3. “Read along” mode is available for younger kids – all texts may be read, simply tap the “head” icon located next to any text in the application. All our texts have been recorded by a professional speaker, an U.S. native speaker.

3. Play the “Body puzzle”. Can you assemble the Body – and can you do it fast ? The following puzzles are available:

-> The Skeleton Puzzle – build a Skeleton!

-> The Body Part Puzzle – build a Boy or a Girl,

-> Major Body Organs – can you place the liver, the brain, or
the large intestine on the right spot ?

4. “Color the body” mode. Listen to the speaker and tap the right body part ! Can you color the the entire picture ? Two pictures are available:

-> The Skeleton

-> The Muscles