Document Writer for Microsoft Office- Word & PDF

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Document Writer for Microsoft Office- Word & PDF App Review

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Price: $5.99


Document Writer for Microsoft Office is a utility that will allow Ipad users to seamlessly create and modify documents on their devices, then transfer them over to their PCs as rich text, PDF or HTML documents.

Features include:

  • Open and edit nearly any type of document
  • Fax from your device (requires outside subscription)
  • Transfer documents between devices via email attachment or outside service
  • Create and edit spreadsheets
  • Create rich text documents (RTF) that can be opened in Word


Document Writer for Microsoft Office: Word and PDF is a high quality app with lots of practical features that will please users who need to move documents between PC and Ipad. The app is complex, yet easy to learn. Developers included a tutorial to make starting up a breeze.


While this app is not “educational” in and of itself, it’s very utilitarian for students. Writing projects could be completed and moved between devices. The app also offers the capability to open and manipulate PDF documents, including the capability to annotate and add comments. It can format its output in a variety of ways, including rich text, which can be transferred to MS Word with relative ease. It also can serve as an HTML editor, which is a nice plus for anyone who works on webpage design.


This app is not intended to be entertaining.


This app costs $5.99 on the App Store, which may seem pricy at first, but compared to its competitors, is a good value because it actually works as advertised.  One aspect to be aware of, however, is that its advertised faxing capability requires users to be subscribed to a separate service that does have additional fees.

Child Friendliness

This app is not intended for use by young children. It does offer connection to the internet, access to various file-sharing services, and other useful features that are not particularly child-friendly.  These features, however, are necessary to the app’s functionality.

  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES connection to various file sharing services 
  • YES connection to email 
Document Writer for Microsoft Office- Word & PDF
Document Writer for Microsoft Office- Word & PDF
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