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Review Summary:

Perfect for young children this app offers so many wonderful number and math skills at an incredible price. Parents won't want to miss out on this one!


Doodle Critter Math: Numbers is a fabulous app for young children that will teach them to recognize, write, and match various numbers as well as introduce them to simple math concepts. With adorable illustrations, animations, and an easy to use platform, this app is not only educational, but fun for young children to play.

Features include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • 7 Activities
  • Cute illustrations and animations
  • Addition/subtraction problems
  • Puzzle fun


The first thing you notice about Doodle Critter Math: Numbers are the adorable illustrations and graphics. Developers have created a variety of interesting critters that children will enjoy interacting with as they play each activity. The music and sound effects really bring the app to life without creating unnecessary distractions.

Another great thing about this app is how easy it is to play and move through. Not only have developers organized 7 different activities easily, but they have created an entertaining and educational interface that children will have no problem moving through. With narration and visual prompts, this app is great for preschoolers and children in kindergarten.


This app is by far one of the best number/math apps I have seen for young children. There are 7 different activities for users to complete that will teach children to recognize, write, and match various numbers. They also have the opportunity to learn how to add and subtract and place items in order of size.

While the variety of skills that children will learn is great, the developers of Doodle Critter Math: Numbers have taken it to another level. Not only have they included narration of numbers for auditory learners, but they have also included visual aspects to each activity as well. For instance, when matching a written number to a set number of items, the narrator calls out the number as the child sees it and can count the items. Each activity includes 10 different tasks to complete in order to earn one puzzle piece to be used later. Children must complete each activity several times to collect all of the puzzle pieces which is great since repetition is key in learning.


With some educational apps, developers often forget to include an entertainment aspect, but that is not the case with Doodle Critter Math: Numbers. As children complete each activity they are rewarded with a piece to a puzzle that they can later put together once they have collected all the pieces. This serves as motivation and a reward once all of the pieces are collected. The illustrations and graphics are also pretty entertaining for young children as they are creative little critters that are various shapes and sizes.


Currently priced at just under a dollar this app is a steal! There are so many great educational features in this app that children will benefit from to help prepare them for school and parents don’t want to miss this awesome deal.

Child Friendliness

There is no doubt that this app is 100% safe for children to use. Before beginning each activity there is an option to watch a tutorial for that activity or to simply begin. This allows children to see how the activity is to be completed and can offer guidance if they get stuck. The activities are also easy to navigate as they use primarily drag and drop methods for moving items around. The parent section is protected by a math problem and includes language and sound options as well as links to other apps and the developers website and social media links.


Perfect for young children this app offers so many wonderful number and math skills at an incredible price. Parents won't want to miss out on this one!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars