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As always, Dr. Panda has created a high-quality app that kids will love. This time truck loving kids get to drive around and explore construction sites. Basically, most boys’ dreams! There are seven different trucks that all have different jobs. Kids – mostly those around the age of 5-8 – will enjoy building their own creations and crashing them to pieces.

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Panda, then we highly recommend you check out all their apps. Dr. Panda is the world’s most favored Panda. Together with Dr. Panda, kids can discover the world, creating their own experiences and most importantly, have fun! There are no rules, time limits or scoring, which means kids are free to play along and begin their adventure with Dr. Panda and his friends.

Key Features List:

  • Colorful, huge construction site to explore
  • Create many different buildings and structures
  • Drive seven different types of trucks and machines, all with different jobs
  • Cool ways to destroy and blast all the unique creations
  • Hidden surprises along the way
  • No third-party advertising
  • Perfect for collaborative iPad play

Quality Review

Dr. Panda Trucks is an app that has been perfectly created with kids in mind. The graphics are very well designed, the construction site is realistic, and the trucks operate, sound and navigate like real heavy machinery.  The gestures in the app are super smooth and hints are used across the app to help kids learn how to navigate and drive each type of vehicle – keeping frustrations to a minimum. Once they figure out which truck does what job, they will keep going.

Entertainment Review

The app was created to be super fun and interactive, and that is just what it is.  The pure number and variety of trucks in the app is the very best feature. Kids can switch quickly from a bulldozer to a crane and to a dump truck with just two taps on any construction site.

There are so many activities in this open-ended app. First, kids can take time zooming around the construction sites to see the entire landscape. Go over ramps, crash into buildings and drive around buildings just for the sake of exploring. Second, each of the trucks has different jobs that kids can perform. Take the bulldozer to a pile of blocks, use the crane to stack blocks and then the wrecking ball to knock it all over. Finally, there are other everyday activities to do with the truck like taking them to the carwash or give them a nice new coat of paint.

On top of the fun construction sites, a recent update to the app allows children to access two all-new areas: a school and a police station. This dynamic addition gives children the opportunity to fight crime or teach a class, adding more diverse ways to play.

Education Review

The app may seem simply entertaining and not educational, but that is where you are wrong! There may not be traditional spelling and multiplication activities, but your little one’s mind will be racing as they figure out the best method and location to build their building structures.

First, it is all about exploring and experimenting (some of the best ways to learn). Your construction lover will need to collect all the supplies for their self-designed building – bricks, roofs and more. They can spend time in the construction site’s design factory to discover different houses and skyscraper ideas, and then move on to the real task. Next, they have to decide which truck is best for the job. Some trucks can take blocks higher, some trucks are needed to dig holes and some trucks are best for cleaning up the mess. Figuring out which truck is best is part of the fun.

Value Review

This is a free app, that does require in-app purchases to unlock all the vehicles, trucks and buildings. Out of the box, your kids will enjoy everything the free option offers which includes a bulldozer, dump truck, crane and wrecking ball. For example, the carwash and paint factory do require an in-app purchase to unlock.

Child-Friendly Review

This app has no outside advertisement or social media connections, and everything that requires in-app purchases or outbound links are protected from kids via a birth year verification. Children could make an unauthorized purchase if they have access to their parents’ iTunes password, and they can access the internet. Anything that disrupts the game – company information, social media links – are hidden under the menu so that they cannot accidentally be clicked. There are unprotected links to the entire Dr. Panda collection where additional apps can be purchased. without supervision.

  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase (protected)
  • YES external links to social media links (protected)
  • YES links to App Store (unprotected)


Dr. Panda Trucks
Dr. Panda Trucks
A fun and exploratory app for truck obsessed kids 5-8 who are looking to be creative and discover cool ways design, build, destroy and start back over again!
Child Friendly