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Review Summary:

A great app for parents and teachers to use with children needing a bit of extra help with geometric shapes or those who enjoy a good puzzle challenge.

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Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge is a great app that will teach children various geometrical shapes as they piece various pieces together to create pictures in a challenging learning environment. With 4 levels and 50 puzzles set in an entertaining story, this app is one that is great for children who need a fun way to practice their geometry skills.

Features include:

  • 4 Difficulty levels
  • 50 Puzzles (in full-version)
  • Great graphics
  • Hint feature


With brightly colored graphics and an animated storyline between levels, Dragon Shapes offers a great deal of high quality images and an interface that is easy to use. The sound effects and background music within each puzzle is simple and allows players to think through each activity without much distractions and with the added hint feature, children will be able to get help as needed. Developers have indeed done a great job with putting together a high quality and appealing app in an organized way so children can learn and play with ease.


Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge is very much a challenge, but it is set up in a way that allows children to build on what they have learned as they progress. The easier puzzles lead to more challenging puzzles as they learn about various shapes such as the parallelogram, the pentagon etc. The free version of the app allows parents and children to try the first level of puzzles for free while the full-version offers 50 puzzles over all 4 levels for children to get the maximum knowledge and value from it.

The puzzles are set up with a specific picture or shape that needs to be configured using a variety of pieces (squares, parallelograms, and triangles of various sizes). Some puzzles allow you to twist and turn pieces so they fit correctly while others offer only stationary pieces. With geometrical shape definitions and lots of puzzle practice children are able to practice their logic and reasoning skills as well as their geometry skills in this fun app.


It is always nice when developers can combine both entertainment and education in one app and Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge has a nice balance. While the majority of the app is made up of geometric puzzles, there is a story that is disbursed between the various levels that helps entertain children as they learn. Of course who love a good challenge will enjoy completing each level and moving on to unlock the other puzzles as they play as well.


Parents and teachers can test the first level of this app for free before deciding to purchase the full-version for just under three dollars. The full app includes 50 puzzles to complete and is well worth the money and I am sure parents and teachers will not hesitate to purchase the full-version after seeing what the first level has to offer.

Child Friendliness

Great for children who are learning about various geometrical shapes and those who love puzzles, Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge is great. The easy to use interface allows children easily move through the app as well as use the hint option if they should get stuck on the puzzle.

In addition to the simple interface, parents can rest assured knowing that their children are protected from external links and advertisements are there are none. There is however the one in-app purchase for the full-version, but it is located in the parent’s area and it is protected.

A great app for parents and teachers to use with children needing a bit of extra help with geometric shapes or those who enjoy a good puzzle challenge.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars