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Does your little one like to play dress up? Whether they dream of being a super hero or a princess, the Dress up Fred and His Friends iPhone app can help kids channel their inner urge to don fun outfits without making a big mess at home.

This simple, kid-friendly game is designed for children ages 2 to 7, and I think it’s particularly well suited for a younger crowd. In it they’ll meet Fred, and his friends, of course, and use a mix and match wardrobe of pirate gear, royal garbs, clown outfits, rescue worker smocks and super hero costumes to get this motley crew ready for a costume party.

At my house the kids loved the bright colors, fun details like eye patches and red noses, and the fun sound effects in this app. It was pretty easy for the 3-year-old to have fun with the game thanks to a touch-friendly interface. He simply tapped a friendly character face at the bottom of the screen, and chose his favorite garments by dragging and dropping them.

I do wish the drag and drop interface was a little less sensitive, because he had to drag the correct item to the exact right part of the body to equip it, which can be difficult for smaller items like bracelets, but it didn’t seem too frustrating and helps build motor skills.

There is only one link in the app that could be considered slightly un-kid-friendly, and it stays within the app while bringing up the developer’s Facebook page. That Facebook page does have a few iTunes links to other apps from the dev, so we can’t give Dress up Fred and His Friends full marks for kid-friendliness.

Bottom line

Dress up Fred and His Friends is a good deal and a lot of innocent fun for young children. The app is a little simple for my taste.