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Educational Wooden Puzzle Collection App Review

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Educational Wooden Puzzle Collection is a universal app of wooden puzzles broken into six themes; some educational, some fun. Themes range from the alphabet and numbers, which are available in five languages, to animals, circus, toys and aliens. Each theme contains a different number of puzzles.

Two levels of difficulty are available; hard and easy. In most cases the difference in difficulty is not noticeable. A chime sounds as pieces are placed correctly and applause is awarded upon completion of the puzzle.

The alphabet and number collections, available in multiple languages, are similar in design. Some letters or numbers are their own puzzle while other puzzles may contain multiple letters or numbers. The alphabet is uppercase letters only. Numbers 0 through 9 are their own puzzles; 10 through 15 are grouped into one puzzle, as are 17 through 20; the next puzzle contains the numbers 30, 40, 50 and 60 all in one puzzle; and the last numbers puzzle is one puzzle with the numbers 70, 80, 90, 100 and 1,000.

Designed for toddler through kindergarten, the app is easy to navigate and inviting. When on the main menu, soothing nature sounds greet you; birds chirping and the breeze blowing. Sounds and music change depending on the theme. Colors are vibrant, but warm.

All external links and social media buttons are protected on a menu for parents. The app does not contain in-app purchases or ads. Educational Wooden Puzzle Collection is a kid-friendly app; our favorite kind of app here at BestAppForKids.com. Kudos to the developer for implementing features to prevent kids from accessing undesired links!

Bottom line

Educational Wooden Puzzle Collection is a nice collection of wooden puzzles for toddler through kindergarteners. While the price may seem high it is actually a good value considering the number of puzzles and features it contains.
Have fun with 78 educational wooden puzzle on 6 different themes: the Alphabet, numbers, animals, circus, toys and Aliens.

The puzzle “Alphabet” will allow your children to learn the shapes of letters and pronunciations in 5 languages ​​(English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

The puzzle “Numbers” will show the child the shapes of numbers from 0 to 20, then from 20 to 100 (20, 30, 40 … 90, 100).
It will also hear their pronunciations in the same 5 languages.

2 game modes are available:

– in the easy mode, kids just have to move the shapes around the right position

– in the hard mode, kids must drop the shapes around the right position

By purchasing these six puzzles at once, you are saving over 50%! Regular Price: $4.99

Educational Wooden Puzzle Collection
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