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Ellison The Elephant is a beautifully illustrated eBook with a heartwarming tale about finding your voice and the importance of being yourself.

The Story

Elephants are always a bit hit in my house, and the Ellison The Elephant story was no exception. The characters are adorable, especially the title character. Kids get to see that even elephants have awkward moments, and that being yourself is always best. I’m a big fan of titles that celebrate individuality and imagination. Ellison The Elephant is all that and a bag of peanuts.

Features & Extras

Kids can enjoy this charming tale in read-to-me, read-to-myself or autoplay styles. Autoplay may sound great, they don’t even have to turn the page! But in reality it’s a little tricky. You have to actually close the app to get it to stop. Ellison The Elephant does support resuming the story on the last page accessed, which comes in handy when you have a toddler trying to tap the screen to hear funny noises. Good job Oceanhouse Media.

Speaking of sounds, there are reactive images throughout this eBook, but there aren’t any animations per say. Some scenes pan and move between different images as they are read, which is always a cool way to keep kids engaged. Just don’t expect animation or any game extras. To be honest, this story is so good and the drawings are so darling that we didn’t miss those noisy extras at all.

Bottom line

Ellison The Elephant is a darling eBook app, with great themes and a fun soundtrack. I highly recommend it.

Little Ellison just wants to sound like everyone else. He trys to make a big trumpet sound like his friends and his sister, but all he gets is a little toot! With encouragement from Mom and provocation from his imaginary friend, Weasel, Ellison discovers his very own voice — a jazzy sound that charms and entertains all within earshot. Ellison’s proud mom reminds us all that it’s ok to be unusual. In fact, “All the greatest elephants in history were unusual — that’s what made them great!”