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Pump some life into geometry with the puzzling fun in Fleixgons. This app puts geometry principles in action with fun, complex puzzles you solve using math principles.Available on the App Store

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Available on the App Store

Flexigons is one smart app. This title uses rules like translation, reflection and axis shifting to create tricky puzzles. The goal is to move the yellow puzzle shapes on the screen into the waiting red shapes, collecting boosts and avoiding traps along the way. How you make them fit is entirely up to the player.

That makes this app a great way for kids to see geometry principles at work. It also supports logical thinking, progressive problem solving, not to mention, it’s just plain cool.

As one of the apps developed with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Flexigons is top notch. Your math fan is going to love it!

Sometimes, simple is best. That’s the case with Flexigons, especially when you consider the complex geometry theory being used here. The app itself is quite simple. Not only is using it very kid-friendly, with two unique input methods, getting used to the app is a snap thanks to a tutorial mode. One part shows you how to use the app in each input method, while another tutorial portion puts those skills to work in a guided setting.

From the math to the execution, Flexigons is a high quality title, there’s no doubt about it. All 45 levels are interesting, quirky and just plain fun.

It’s almost easier to ask what about this app isn’t educational. Everything about it screams smart. I love the tiered approach of introduction. In addition to teaching children about shapes, axis usage, size and other fun geometry topics, there are three fun modes of gameplay here for even more challenge.

Kids who are just starting out can use puzzle mode. It’s a bit more casual, and you see your moves with the help of a visual guide. In classic mode the visual aids are off, so you better like counting! A measuring feature makes this easier than it sounds, but the challenge is definitely increased.

Then there’s challenge mode, which lets players map out their attack move by move, but none of them are made until the puzzle is completed, making it a much more theoretical, chess-style game where planning is everything.

Forget about the kids, this app is great for us adults who may need to brush up on our geometry or who are looking for a puzzle app with some serious challenge.

The Flexigons app entertainment value will vary based on the audience. As I mentioned, it’s a great draw for kids who love shapes and are learning more, and for puzzle fiends who dig a challenge. I think by laying out the action in a tiered approach, Flexigons has quite a bit of staying power.

I did find myself wishing for a hint option, but that just goes to show I could use a hefty brush up on my math skills. No surprise there. But it is a good warning: if your kid doesn’t like math and gets frustrated, maybe try taking a break from the app or working on puzzles together so you can both learn.

Flexigons is priced to move at $.99. That’s a serious value for a well made iPad app with a ton of depth. This app will provide hours of fun (unless you have a math wizard on your hands) and is so well made its actually being used as part of the curriculum in a middle school in Colorado. Go get it.

This may just be the most kid-friendly app I’ve seen in a while. There are zero temptations, no outside links, no social media taunts, nothing suggesting you buy another app. This is pure, unadulterated app genius. Parents have no need to fear it, other than as a good reminder at how much you may have forgotten about geometry.

Available on the App Store