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Flora’s Forest is an enchanting iPad story for 2-5 year-olds. Designed with eye popping color, adorable characters and many objects for kids to touch, it is sure to entertain.

In addition to being entertaining, Flora’s Forest could be used to teach two important lessons. The first lesson, things are not as scary as they first appear; and second, working together as a team is important.

The music, sounds and narrator’s tone change to follow the mood of the story. Stories are much more enjoyable when these elements are used together properly. Narration is easy to understand; however, it would be beneficial to have an option to turn narration off. Narration is good for the young users who may want to look at the book alone. The option to turn narration off is valuable for when a parent would like to read the story to their children or vice versa.

Text is highlighted as it is read, but at times is too fast to be of much benefit to beginning readers. The location of the text is good and does not obscure objects or the scene, and the font used is easy to read.

This book does contain a good amount of interactivity; enough to entertain the reader, but not distract from the story.

Flora’s Forest contains multiple navigational features; such as one menu on the main page that offers a quick way to navigate to a specific page, and page arrows and a home button are available on every page.

This app is completely kid-safe, something we here at BestAppsForKids.com love to see. Flora’s Forest does not contain in-app purchases, ads, external links or social media.

Bottom line

Flora’s Forest is an enchanting story with many interactive objects. It is a delightful book to be enjoyed by kids and their parents.
Is the forest fun? Is it scary? Is it both??? Find out what Flora discovers as she explores the forest and uncover fuzzy friends with mysterious powers.

Flora’s Forest is a magical interactive book for 2-5 year olds. Explore the forest and meet Flora’s strange new friends as they try to help her find her kite. Each page has many things to discover. Start the book and tap away to reveal beautiful designs, surprising sounds and fun animations that will make your kids giggle and want to explore the natural world around them.

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