Fluke HD - Local Aliens LLC

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Fluke is similar to traditional board games like Sorry and Ludo, but brings a fun digital twist with different styled boards and up to 6 players. It is also OpenFeint and Game Center enabled, so you can play online and compete on leaderboards too.

What I like about Fluke is that it brings another “family game night” game to the iPad which makes it both portable and easy to use – plus you never have to lose a critical piece of the game.

However, as a “Best App For Kids”, neither the graphics or the game play has that extra special element that makes it cute and fun for kids. By comparison, Winter Land, which was in our 2010 Best Christmas apps for Kids feature is a fabulous app that was still played by my kids well after the holiday season.

Also, I really disliked the full screen OpenFeint promo when you first open the app. I understand the developers need to encourage users to sign up, but as an adult I found it off-putting, and for kids I find it inappropriate.

Bottom-line: A solid game that’s fun for the whole family, but with room for improvement.

Rediscover the joy of board games on the iPad with Fluke HD. Download this visually vibrant and action filled game today to play with your friends, family, or loved ones. Fluke HD represents a digital twist on the board game genre with gameplay in the vein of classics such as Snakes & Ladders, Sorry! and Ludo.