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Fonics is a fun new educational app for children.  With Fonics, kids can learn to read with synthetic phonics.  I thought that this app would be perfect for kids who are just learning to spell/read.

The Fonics app simplifies the way children learn to read by breaking the English language into just 44 phonetic sounds.  Kids will learn all 44 sounds through fun lessons and phonics games.  As children develop their skills, they will quickly learn to independently sound out words.  Sounding out longer and more complicated words will become easier with time and practice.

I thought that the Fonics app had a great concept.  The graphics and sounds, as well as the gameplay are fun and interactive.  I think that this app would be great for use at home, as well as in the classroom.  One thing I love, there are no in-app purchases – the app is absolutely free! If you have a child who is learning to read, I would definitely recommend checking out the Fonics app!

Fonics Review
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