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Science lovers will be thrilled with the Frog Dissection app! It brings the school science lab into your home, allowing for learning and exploration without the mess (and smell).

In Frog Dissection, the app opens to an extensive menu on the home page. The user can choose to explore the life cycle of a frog, read facts and background information, examine a visual comparison of humans vs frogs, watch related videos, learn about different species, or participate in interactive activities. This is all in addition to the actual dissection tools the app provides. Each of the menu options work as they should, and the app is crammed with amazing information.

The dissection tools are excellent. The user can participate in a 3D virtual dissection, in which the app guides the user through preparing the frog, cutting, and pinning. Once the organs are exposed, the user can tap on each organ to see it up close, spin it around for a 3D view, and hear a description.

In addition to the virtual dissection, the app provides a step-by-step guide to performing the dissection in a wet lab. This combination, along with all the supporting features, makes this app a powerful tool for the classroom or for studying at home. It is also an excellent alternative for students who are opposed to experimenting on a real animal. A quiz is also included, and allows for the user to keep track of scores if the quiz is attempted multiple times.

There are currently 2 more interactive activities included in the app, in which the user learns about and traces the path for the digestive and respiratory systems. This was the only part of the app I found somewhat lacking. Although I love having more details included about these organ systems, simply tracing the correct path seems a bit simplistic compared to the excellent design of the rest of the app. However, the menu does note that more interactive activities are coming in the future, so perhaps an update will provide better engagement in this section.

This app does not contain social links or advertisements. Although the content is geared towards middle and high school kids, my eight year old son enjoyed exploring the app and continues to revisit it often. The app is also available for desktops and interactive white boards, and the company offers an educational discount.

Bottom Line
Frog Dissection is an engaging educational app that parents, students, and teachers will all appreciate for the variety and depth of informative materials and activities it offers. ******* Winner of PeTAs Mark Twain Ethical Science Award ************** Winner of IEAR- Best Science App Award -2010 ************** Featured in The Sunday Times- List of Top 500 Apps across all devices ************** Featured by Apple New and Noteworthy & Whats Hot *******Frog Dissection from Punflay, is a greener alternative for teaching dissection in the classroom. This iPad app is suitable for middle-school students who are learning about organs and organ systems as part of their life science curriculum. Students can try dissecting a virtual specimen with all the trappings that come with the real procedure-minus the mess of course! Besides a virtual chloroformed specimen, the app comes with all the dissection tools and detailed instructions to complete the procedure. Once dissection is complete, the frogs organs are exposed for further study. Vivid 3D images will help students visualize the internal organs very effectively. For enhanced learning experience, the app also has information on the different types of frogs, frogs life cycle, anatomical comparison of frogs with humans, an interactive quiz and detailed descriptions of the organs.Key Features:Vivid 3D imagingStep by step instructions with voice overAccurate simulation of the wet lab dissection procedureContent validation by subject matter experts Anatomical comparison of humans with frogsComprehensive information on frogs organsClassification, lifecycle and organ functions of frogs Interactive quiz on frogsInformation on types of frogsFrog Dissection has received accolades from top review sites and educators who have found this to be an excellent teaching tool in the classroom. The app has been featured in schools that are exploring alternatives to real dissection. The following are some schools that are either considering its use or are using it in their classrooms.Pikes Peak Prep, Coloradohttp://www.gazette.com/articles/charter-104737-school-students.htmlA.D. Rundle Middle School, Chillawack, Canadahttp://www.chilliwacktimes.com/technology/ropos+innovation/4009103/story.htmlDurham Public Schoolshttp://www.newsobserver.com/2010/12/18/869111/ipads-make-inroads-in-triangle.html Lake County schools technology http://www.towndigger.com/life-and-family/youth-corner/8691-new-technology-transforming-science-classesThe following is a sampling of what the media is saying about Frog Dissection. A good introductory biology tool. -Washington TimesAll that is missing is the smell of Formaldehyde. – San Francisco Business Times A great first attempt at a virtual lab on the iPad.- IEAR A realistic digital frog dissection program.- School Tech Talk Frogs of the world, rejoice- Recombu Those that are in favor of the traditional dissection argue that there is no replacement for a real frog. Emantras Interactive Technologies disagrees and have created a quality frog dissection iPad app which can be used as an alternative to real frogs.-Technologyinclass.com It’s a great addition to the tools available for teachers to help their students learn.- Padgadget.com A terrific way for students to learn about dissection.- Macgasm A great option for anyone who wants to dissect a frog, without actually dissecting the frog.-EduinreviewStudents who are budding animal rights activists can try to convince their teachers that for $2.99, it can maybe replace the real thing in class.- NY1.com The concept is great and the execution was wonderful. I could see an entire line of dissection apps opening up with even more advanced options and social media studying groups etc Great work by Emantras Inc., and this is a must download in my opinion if you own an iPad. SlapappWhether you are an educator, parent or student, Frog Dissection will be a valuable tool to learn dissection the greener way!

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