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Chores and allowance. Ugh! Just thinking about them is enough to make me roll my eyes and throw my hands up in frustration. I don’t know any kid who loves doing their chores. Nor do I know any mom or dad who loves nagging their child to get their chores done and keeping track of what has been done so they can pay allowance for them. Funifi DO takes all of the hassle away, so that you can focus your energy on more pressing things and your kids can focus their energy on earning meaningful rewards for getting their chores done!

Getting started is easy! You must first create a user name and password so that you can keep your information secure. You can also use this to log in from any mobile device that has the app downloaded. Next, add your children’s names to set up their own profile. Now the fun starts. Add the tasks you wish each child to complete and assign them a point value. Chores that are more time consuming or difficult should have a higher point value than easier chores. Finally, create rewards for each child that they can earn by completing their chores and assign a point value to them as well. For example, one child’s profile may have this: pick up dirty clothes: 25 points, make bed: 25 points, unload dishwasher: 75 points, rake leaves: 150 points. Their rewards could look something like this: 30 extra minutes of TV time: 100 points, pick a treat from the store: 200 points, new video game: 500 points. Now, as your child completes each task you can go into their profile and “approve” their completion of the task. Once it has your stamp of approval, the points assigned to that chore are added to their profile. The app will keep a running total for them and when they earn enough points, they can redeem them for whatever reward they want.

I think this is a wonderful app for several reasons, but here are my top 3. First, I love how it takes the pressure off of me to keep track of my children’s chores and where they are in their progress towards earning them. The app does it all AND you can log in whenever you’d like to monitor their progress or show them their progress. Second, I like how it uses a “point” system to determine the value of each task. Especially for younger children who haven’t mastered the concept of the value of money, “Points” are a much easier idea to wrap their heads around. Third, I love how you can have multiple rewards available at one time. It is a great way for kids to learn the value of hard work and decide whether they want to save their points to work toward something bigger to trade them in for a smaller, more immediate reward.

Funifi DO is a must have for parents with young children who are trying to teach them about the value of money and hard work. It is so easy to use, and the fact that it is all done on your mobile device somehow makes chores more fun for kids! I love it because it takes the burden of keeping track of things off of me and my kids are able to self-monitor their work with a touch of a finger. I have no doubt that your family will appreciate the value in it as well.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars