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GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic was in the top 15 in our Readers’ Favorite Geography apps.

This iPad only World geography app is designed for kids in grades 4 through 8. They are not kidding when they warn that this app is not for beginners!

GeoBee Challenge contains an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. It’s still a good idea to read through the short in-app instructions on how to play. The instructions do a good job of explaining the scoring.

Game play is organized into rounds of different types of challenges; each challenge consists of five locations that you must identify correctly. The challenges are multiple choice, map challenge and photo bonus round. In the multiple choice round the user must tap the correct answer; regardless if the answer is correct or not, you are taken to the correct location on the world map. For the map and photo challenges, you must identify the EXACT location by tapping it on the map; you will want to use the zoom feature, because the scoring is based on how exact you are. The added challenge for the photo bonus round, you are not told what the picture is so you need to figure that out and then tap the location on the map.

Scoring, if you are paying attention to it, is somewhat complex in this app. The faster you are in answering the questions, the more points you will score. You will receive 1,000 points for a correct answer or location; 0 if you are more than 1, 500 miles off target. Partial accuracy points are received for reasonably close answers in the map and photo rounds. For the competitive types, Open Feint is available or you can see the local high scores.

An iPhone/iPod version of GeoBee Challenge is available in iTunes.

Bottom line

GeoBee Challenge is a five-star world geography app meant for grades 4-8.

GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic
GeoBee Challenge
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