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GeoPop Global Challenge by SleekGeek was in the top 15 in our Readers’ Favorite Geography apps.

GeoPop is a challenging world geography app designed for ages 9 and older. This highly customizable, iPad only, app starts out colorful, in the beginning level, but then the developer has creatively used color in the harder levels to add to the difficulty of the levels as all of the countries look similar, even the water is a similar shade of color as the countries.

The app has three levels of difficulty, easy, normal and challenge; easy quizzes only on location of countries, normal and challenge quiz on geography, landmarks, culture, history, sports and current events. Hint and skip buttons are available, if needed. A button to turn music on or off is on every screen so that music can be muted at anytime throughout the app.

The number of questions to be quizzed on and the duration of the quiz are customizable. There are five options, with values of 15-50, for the number of questions that will be in the quiz; and four options, with values of 60-180 seconds, for how many seconds you will be given to answer the number of questions.

If you are feeling a bit competitive, high scores are tracked, allowing the user to enter their name at the end of the quiz.

Moving around the World, to find the applicable country, while answering the questions is easy; and the ability to zoom in or out is available. All continents, except Antarctica, are included, but NOT all countries within each continent are included.

Suggestions for the developer:

Add a learning level for beginners; include learning just the continents and then progress to learning the countries in one continent at a time, or at least provide that as an option.

For all levels, after three or four tries provide the option of showing where the country is.

Include all of the countries within the continents; there should be one, if not two, questions for every country in the World.

Bottom line

GeoPop Global Challenge is a reasonably priced, challenging world geography app for ages 9+, but falls behind some of the other geography apps that we’ve reviewed.
GeoPop Global Challenge is an addictive new geography game from SleekGeek, makers or teacher-created educational apps.

GeoPop is designed for true beginners who are just figuring out which Korea is North Korea, to the mad “Geo Freaks” who can spout off what the indigenous languages of Paraguay are without blinking and everyone in between.

Children and adults can choose from three levels of difficulty and test your knowledge of all things international, from soccer, to coup d’etats, from ancient history to the latest events that shape this crazy planet we call home.

Scroll and Zoom around on the iPad ‘s incredibly easy to use interface while feeding your brain’s desire for dopamine with GeoPop, and soon you’ll be impressing everyone with your crazy geographical facts!

GeoPop features hundreds of questions that touch all continents as well as relevant hints to help you pin point the right country before the clock runs out.

Rated 9+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes