Is It Good To Use Hemp Milk For Babies? (Know More About This Super Food!)

Is It Good To Use Hemp Milk For Babies? (Know More About This Super Food!)

Are You A Mom Who Is Looking For A Healthy Alternative To Animal-Based Milk Formula?

​Mothers who are not able to produce breast milk, or those who prefer to give their child milk formula can choose from a wide array of options. One of the most popular alternatives for cow’s milk that mom scan choose to give their babies today is hemp milk.

​I put together this article to help moms find out if it is really beneficial to use hemp milk for babies. Iwant mothers to know more about this product, and about how it can be used to support their baby’s growing needs.

What Is Hemp Milk?

Some babies who are feeding on infant formula suffer from constipation problems simply because their tummies cannot consume products that contain cow’s milk. This is why there are mothers who use hemp milk when it comes giving their child a tummy-friendly, and nutritious alternative.

Hemp milk is actually a milky substance that is made from hemp seeds. It is completely natural, and it is a vegetarian source of milk. It is made by soaking the hemp seeds in water and grounding then afterward to extract the milky substance.​

A lot of mothers favor this milk simply because it is a great alternative that babies who are allergic to cow’s milk can use. Hemp milk also has a creamy, nutty flavor that babies can easily learn to love. Since this milk is plant-based, it can provide your baby with a wide array of health benefits.​

The 9 Benefits Of Using Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is quickly becoming the favorite of many health experts. It is able to provide a lot of benefits simply because it contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for your child’s growth and development. Some of the benefits include:​


  • It exceeds other plant-based milk in terms of the health benefits that it can provide
  • It contains nutrients such as readily absorbed protein, fiber, and cholesterol-free fats which are not present in ordinary cow’s milk
  • It contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which can help promote heart health
  • It contains 10 essential amino acids which includes alanine, asparagine, aspartic acid, cysteine,glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, proline, serine and tyrosine to help support your baby’s health
  • It contains 4-5 grams of easily digestible protein per glass
  • It does not trigger allergies just like what soy, almond, or cow milk does
  • It contains albumin and globulin which is necessary for supporting both natural and acquired immunity
  • It does not contain any cholesterol
  • It can help boost brain functions because it contains fatty acids that can help nourish the brain

Can Hemp Milk Trigger Any Psychoactive Effects In Your Baby?

Hemp milk is made from the same plant that can be turned into marijuana. Of course, this will be a cause for concern for many mothers. The good news is that hemp milk will not make your baby experience any psychoactive effects. Simply put, it will not make your baby “high”.

Organic hemp milk does not contain any Tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance that makes marijuana users experience a drug-induced high. Using this milk will also not make your baby addicted to it.​

However, some experts say that it cannot be used for babies under 7 months of age. This may be because of the controversial nature of the source of hemp milk. There are also some hemp milk products that contain very low levels of THC which might cause unexpected effects on newborn babies.​

You can purchase products like the Healthworks Hemp Seed so you can easily make milk at home. This product is pesticide-free and it has already been shelled so you can easily make your own hemp milk for your baby.​

There are also ready-to- use products like the Pacific Natural Foods Hemp Milk that you can use if you do not have the time to make your own hemp milk at home. This product contains all the goodness of home-made hemp milk and it also comes in different flavors.​


Hemp milk can provide your baby with a wide array of nutrients that can be used for his or her growth and development. This milk is ideal for babies who are not able to digest animal milk properly. I highly suggest this milk for parents who want a vegetarian or plant-based alternative to cow’s milk.​

Hemp milk can provide your child with several benefits, what is also great about it is that adults can also use this product to help improve their own health. However, it cannot be used for babies under 7 months of age. Moms with newborns can opt for soy, almond, or coconut milk for the mean time.​

Parents do not have to worry about their baby getting a “high” or getting addicted to it simply because it does not contain psychoactive substances. Depending on one’s preferences, parents can choose to buy products like the Healthworks Hemp Seed or the Pacific Natural Foods Hemp Milk.​

​Parents should keep in mind that babies might not like to drink hemp milk right away. This is why I suggest that you try different flavors, or that you try mixing it with almond milk first if this is possible.You can gradually increase the amount of hemp milk until the baby can consume pure hemp milk.