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Help the Halloween Heroes clean up their spooky environment by collecting all the recyclables in this fun app.

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Halloween Heroes is a Halloween themed app featured in our At-A-Glance: Halloween Apps For Kids post that teaches children the importance of recycling using cute characters, spooking backgrounds, and fun games. Players have to help the Halloween Heroes clean up their spooky world by collecting and correctly disposing of various recyclable items. With black cats, spiders, witches, and haunted houses, this app is great for children who love Halloween to learn the importance of recycling.

Features include:

  • 5 Missions
  • 10 Additional activities
  • Cute Halloween theme


Halloween Heroes is an app that is perfect for this time of year. With spooky illustrations and eery music to match, children are going to love playing with this app especially if they love Halloween. There are a variety of cobwebs, witches, spiders, and other characters in this spooky world that are used within each game in a very creative way. The interface is also easy to use with simple tap and drag maneuvering to play each game it is easy for even little ones to play.


What better time to learn about recycling than during Halloween when there is going to be lots of candy wrappers etc. to dispose of. Halloween Heroes is a great app that uses a fun game to teach children how to separate and dispose of paper, plastic, glass, and organic materials properly. By identifying the specific items in each game, they not only work on their coordination, but also their ability to determine what items should be recycled and which items should not. This is a great app for teaching responsibility and saving the planet.


In addition to the educational games there are also 10 other activities and tips that share fun recycling tips in a puzzle format. For instance, one tip says to skip the plastic treat bags and has a puzzle with a plastic back with candy. The eco-activities provides fun ways for children and parents to create fun costumes using recycled material (also in a puzzle format). Children can not only use the information they have learned, but also have fun piecing the puzzles back together as well.

In addition to the other activities, children will also enjoy completing each of the 5 missions to collect coins that can be used to purchase additional items, clothing, and accessories to use when play dress up with the Halloween Heroes. Once they find the perfect look, they can take a screenshot and save for later viewing.


Halloween Heroes is absolutely free and with all the fun and educational activities for children, you can’t get much better than that.

Child Friendliness

Halloween Heroes is not only fun, but also totally safe for children to use. It is clear the developers have put a lot of effort behind making this app easy to use for even young children as each mission has a short instructional video. The video is great because it helps children see exactly what they need to do in order to successfully complete each mission.

Parents can also rest assured knowing that there are no social media links or in-app purchases and the “parent” section is protected which is great.etc., this is an area children may view to see how they rank in comparison to other players.

Help the Halloween Heroes clean up their spooky environment by collecting all the recyclables in this fun app.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars