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  • Healthy Heroes 1
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Another great app from Yogome that teaches children about good, healthy foods in a fun game-like environment with lots of great music, graphics, and animations.

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Healthy Hero is a fun game-like educational game featured in our Healthy Eating Apps For Kids post that teaches children all about eating good healthy foods. Through a variety of nutrition games and fun facts, children learn what foods are good to eat for meals and snacks while learning the approximate calories in each food combination. This highly animated app is both fun and educational for children of all ages.

Features include:

  • Game-like set up
  • Healthy tips
  • 36 Levels
  • 6 Worlds


Healthy Heroes 1 is another Yogome app that has lots of great graphics, animations, and fun sound effects that will not only teach children about healthy eating, but will keep them engaged as they learn. Just like many of the other Yogome apps (Recycle Hero & Science Hero 1), this app includes an awesome game like set-up with various levels, sound effects, and animated monsters that children will love. The developers have also included some really great healthy tips spread throughout the app that helps to provide additional information and provide a bit of a break between levels.


The main function of this app is to teach children about healthy foods and to help them make wise choices when they are selecting their meals and snacks. Not only are they learning to choose fruits, low fat yogurt, and whole wheat items over sugary snacks by feeding wild monsters the good food, but they are also learning valuable information about the number of calories in various food combinations. The helpful tips that appear between the 36 levels are great as they provide additional information about exercise, calories, and statistics that are great for children to learn.


Yogome apps always have a ton to offer children by way of entertainment and this app is no different. With 6 worlds to play in and 36 levels, children will enjoy selecting the healthy food for their hungry monster. The object of each game is to only feed the monster the pre-selected good foods and not the sugary snacks that may pop up. Each healthy food increases the health meter while the not so healthy foods cause the monster to get a bit angry and reduces the level of the health meter. Once the meter reaches it’s maximum, children can move on to the next level. Another fun way to increase the meter is to recycle the foods that are not healthy instead of feeding them to the monster. This challenging twist keeps children engaged as they play.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is priced really well. For a little bit of money parents can teach their children valuable information about eating healthy foods in an entertaining game-like app. Not only that, but children are going to want to play this app over and over again so it is well worth the money. What more can you ask for?

Child Friendliness

Easy to use and very intuitive, Healthy Heroes 1 is great for children of all ages. Little ones may need a bit of assistance as they play, but once they learn the concept they will quickly be playing on their own.

With that said there are a few things parents will want to keep in mind about this app. There is a parents section accessible from the main page that is not protected and provides information on other apps by the developer along with access to the app store. Once children are past the main page and in the app itself there is not a “home” option that would take them back to the main page so it isn’t likely children will end up there, but it is something to be aware of. This area also allows parents to track their child’s performance by entering their name and email address to do so. With that said there are not any social media links to be worried about.

Another great app from Yogome that teaches children about good, healthy foods in a fun game-like environment with lots of great music, graphics, and animations.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars